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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Brushless Motor Controller

 Can anyone help me to create a custom Movement Panel to control this brushless motor controller on ARC for EZB Builder?
I would greatly appreciate it.


User-inserted image

1. Control port
GND:Only for control signal
VR:Speed regulation,(0-2.5V or 0-5V linear speed regulation).PWM frequency:1K-5KHz.
ZF:Forward and backward control(5V high level or 0V low level,if you use 3.3V MCU,you need do adjustment to 5V)
M:speed pulse signal output
EL:brake function, 0-2.5V or 0-5V linear brake
5V:5V power source for external control device(300mA)
2. Power port
MA ----motor phase A
MB ---- motor phase B
MC---- motor phase C
P- ----DC-
P+----DC +
3:Hall sensor port
Ha--- Hall a
Hb--- Hall b
Hc--- Hall c
5V---5V input

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Can't you just use one of ARC's already offered movement panels? To build a custom movement you will need to know what you want it to do. while you are moving the robot. 

Have a read here: 
Movement Panels
Does it have to be that brushless motor controller? The documentation is incomplete and it also requires a 5v I/o... you might run into problems finding compatible hardware. 

What’s your decision based on to use that controller?
Thanks for responding. Do you have any reference? I am trying to use 2 hoverboard motors for a robot platform.
Look up the projects from Will ---user--fxrtst (Project Gar thread) He had an amazing Hover board hack last year that you could see details how he wired it up working really awesome.:)
Thanks Rob. I will keep on searching will's projects to see if any ideas that I could use.
I took some more looks at the brushless motor controllers. They don’t look complicated even though the documentation is poor. 

so even your controller that was posted wouldn’t be difficult to work with. The only question I’d have is the 5v requirement for I/O
Thanks D J. The controller is partially working. When pressed forward both Wheels turned forward. When pressed reverse only one wheel turned reverse, when pressed arrow left the wheels turned opposite to each other. When pressed arrow right only one wheel turned. I think this could be a programming issue.


I think this could be a programming issue
Or a wiring issue. You may have to change a few wires.
Can you post a link to purchase the controller ?
#12   — Edited
@Josephc There are 4 versions:


JYQD-YL02D(8559) direct start version has NO LOCK function,(linear speed regulation 0-5V,liner brake:0-5V)
JYQD-YL02D(457E) direct start version has NO LOCK function,(linear speed regulation 0-2.5V,liner brake:0-2.5V)
JYQD-YL-02D(99F2)safety start version has LOCK function.(linear speed regulation 0-5V,liner brake:0-5V)
JYQD-YL-02D(C737)safety start version has LOCK function.(linear speed regulation 0-2.5V,liner brake:0-2.5V)
which one you have ?

Can you post a picture/draw of your setup i.e. wiring ?
Did you use the "swap direction" checkbox? To swap the direction of the motors that turn?
User-inserted image
User-inserted image
User-inserted image
User-inserted image

I purchased this one
JYQD-YL-02D(99F2)safety start version has LOCK function.(linear speed regulation 0-5V,liner brake:0-5V)
I swapped for both direction at one time. whenever I pressed the arrow  reverse or right only one wheel span.
Okay. Let me take a look and update for you

Did you get motor control working and are you using it with slam, navigator or tracking/follow.
I  got it to work with the latest updated Brushless- Motor Movement-Panel and DJ Sures big help. I could not add the navigator movement joystick for the membership fees.