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Brookstone Rover 2.0

I have just gotten my kit up and running and am having a great time, I have a few rover 2.0s sitting about ... I had also given a few to friends and after a while the fun wore off,

     Seeing what can be done with the 1.0 and as it is a great platform for some ideas I would like to see if the 2.0 support option can get fixed I see it in the pull down but can't get it to connect... 

please let me know if this is possible as this will be a great boost to my friends and I growing our projects.



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Welcome Kurt! The rover is on the list. However I do not have a time estimate yet. Stay tuned:)

Ps, this is not a thread to mark as need assistance. The terms of use for threads marked as need assistance are regarding building robots or technical assistance. I've removed the need assistance flag from this post.

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@Kurt, it may be better to remove the guts of the rover, that 's what I'm doing with a Brookstone Rover clone. There's plenty of space inside for everything you might need and it gives the ability to add more customisation and awesomeness.


I think that the drive motors in the Brookstone rover 2.0 are continuous rotation servo..The two drive motors seem to have a feedback board and the connection to the main board each have 3 wires just like a servo.I could be wrong and i have not tested yet..I they are thats easy to interface to ezb.


@rb550f They are more likely just geared dc motors with wheel encoders for feedback...


Thank you DJ for the reply, I am new to forums so sorry for hitting the wrong link, please let me know when if when the rover is updated to 2.0 .. I look forward to it it =)

    Rich.. is the clone your working with the one from maplins by chance? 

rb and Richard .. I have not cracked it open in a while so I cant confirm the motors... it had been collecting dust till I saw the Dj's YouTube on the 1.0 rover and grabbed the 2.0 to give it a try only to see it is not working.. my project for my ezb 4 is an omnibot 2k I picked up.. this was just a random side thought to get my friends involved with some of my ideas....

     ill crack it open and post some photos of my findings

Here's something to keep those asker's about the Rover & revolution version 2 busy for a while till the EZROBOT crew work on a Brookstone Version 2 addition/fix. PC control by keyboard and mouse on a non-touchscreen laptop. Enjoy the site EZ crew (-:

P.S. I learned of your site because of my Brookstone Revolution App searches, had I known of your products, reasonable pricing and site before I would have bought a package from your site instead of Brookstone. U R next on my shopping list.


I am sorry but video is too blurry to see what you are doing. Which app is it .I have bluestacks installed on y laptop..


The Video is HD, open it up full screen! The APP that controls the keyboard using the W, S, A, D and Arrow keys as screen swipes is Tincore Key Mapper.



Python Control of Brookstone Rover & Revolution V-2 on a Windows 8.1 Laptop Working on video from camera's, first test for control of Revolution. Controller is a Logitech Gamepad F310 without any changes to origin programmer's setup (See titles/credits on attached movie). UPDATED 12/22/2015 New Video

Post Script: Wrote Simon (Author and Programmer of the Python script) and gave him the YouTube video link in an email and received a reply, "Thanks -- I'm honored!"