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Since I became old today (30) I decided to finally ask some questions that I wanted to ask since a while. Solving the first good intent in the new year of life^^

1.) Is it still possible to build your own kit? Already ordered the developer kit, but I will probably only need heavy duty servos all the time.

Cant find the following: "Under the "Buy" tab click "Build your own kit", you can purchase individual parts there"

2.) Is there a video where you can see how fast the JD moves and walks? I wonder if his movement would be fast enough to put him in front of a small piano (there are those little childpianos) and let him hit certain keys so you get a little song.

3.) What are the measurments of the Revolution Roli? What is the maximum weight he can carry?

4.) Can the MP3 Trigger shield be purchased via

5.) Can the ez-board v4 play sounds or do you still need the MP3 Trigger shield additionally, if you want your robot to have sounds?

6.) Is is possible to get the JD head with the camera in its left eye (seen from the front) instead of the camera beeing on top of his head? The final head is supposed to look like my avatar/profilepicture.


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Many happy returns, you aren't old though, that's still 4 years younger than me and there are older than me on here:)

  1. You can purchase each part individually, look under the different EZ-Bit sections from the menu on the left of the shop.

  2. Not yet. It's been requested. They are working on getting a video up.

  3. Measurements are on the shop pages. Roli is; Width: 23cm Length: 24 cm Height: 32 cm Weight: 1.812 kg

Maximum carrying weight is unknown. It is plastic, it won't be heavy duty.

  1. The V4 EZ-B has an MP3 soundboard built in so there is no need to buy a trigger. In fact, it has a speaker which can output live audio and more! It sounds like an awesome piece of kit.

  2. See 4.

  3. Not from the site but you can download the STL files and adjust them to suit your requirements or create a new one from scratch. You could ask XL-Robots to design you one and have them print it or have it printed closer to home.


Thanks for the congratulations.

  1. I thought there could be a way to individualice the developer kit a bit, but its probably easier, yet pricier to purchase the needed parts from the ez-bit section.

  2. Looking foward to the video:)

  3. Found it, was too blind before. Damn old age shortsightedness;) I wish the Roli could carry a box of beer^^

4, 5) Can the mp3s be saved directly on the ez-b? How much room is there for mp3s? Is there a possibility to connect a sd-card with the ez-b like you could do with the mp3 trigger?

  1. Already tried to open the STL-files in Creo 2.0 Program wasnt able to import/open STL-files. How to get the CAD-data so I can indivudalice the head?

Has someone a hint where to get it 3d-printed once its done? If possible in Germany/or at least Europe?

United Kingdom

The EZ-B on it's own is available here

The MP3s are sent over wifi to the EZ-B. The EZ-B has no storage. No storage is required since it's all done from within ARC and the EZ-B connects to your PC, Android or iOS device.

I know AutoDesk Inventor can modify STL files but it isn't free. Someone else may know of some software which can open and modify STLs.

Shapeways are a popular choice for 3D printing but it will pay to google for it as there are cheaper and better. Otherwise some forum members are happy to print for you but shipping costs may be an issue.


So there is no way to store mp3s with the ez-b besides the mp3 trigger boards sd-card? Than using my old Samsung I9000 Smartphone to do the job is probably the best solution, isnt it?


old at 30 ?and happy birthday:D


Happy birthday:)

Storing mp3's on a micro with sd card is a thing of the past. With the v4, the audio is streamed through the micro using it's internal amplified speaker. The Audio files are stored in your project, and therefore can be easily shared.


Happy birthday! If thirty is old I want to enjoy the time I have left!