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Beyond Jd

I ran across a 3D Printable robot on Thingiverse that may be the next step beyond JD. Poppy The Robot


It looks really interesting. The main website for Poppy is


Unfortunately it uses Dynamixel Servos (which is not uncommon for academic projects) and they are really expensive. Also right now ARC has a problem with them. I haven't heard anything lately on when the fix might be coming.

Poppy appears to be a tethered robot but a wifi EZ-B v4 mounted in the head could certainly fix that. The other thing May be where to put the battery. Perhaps a battery backpack. I haven't heard when an EZ-B accelerometer might be on the way but I am sure that would be needed as well.

It would be fun to tinker with though. Just thought I would share the find.

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I think it is a really cool design.However i think 25 dynamixel servos would be rather expensive..
I dont think that thing can walk. I think it's creepy how they hold the hand to help it "walk". That's probably just me. I think that bot is overrated it's just big but pretty useless. It could use the EZb treatment for sure.
It can not walk by it self. There are no self balancing sensors installed. it is cool though.
I think I just found my next project! I hope they post a few more details.
look at the prize servo,s
mx28T x 19=4178.10 dollar
mx64T x 4=1199.60 dollar
ax12A x2=89.80 dollar whithout chipping cost 5467.50 dollar alone

totall off the robot is some 8500 dollar *eek*