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Awesome Bipeds

Check out these Nubots, makes me want to try buildng a biped.


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United Kingdom
Nice. I love bipeds, the next EZ-Robot I want to make I expect to be a biped, I just picked a couple of toys that'll be great for conversion too although there's something about just the servo brackets being used to make the robot that looks cool to me.
We'll have a lot of information about our biped, hexpod and a few others shortly. We've been a bit delayed with the flood and evacuation. Now a bunch of us are heading off for vacation for a week or so. July will have a lot of new robot videos and tutorials:)
Dido I can,t wait just need the funds to get the Cube so I can make one.
That sounds great. My wife wants me to get a complete kit hexpod or biped for our grandsons.
Maybe eventually EZ Robot might offer such a product with all 3D parts and clips (brackets) included.
With a complete kit, it would be easier to work on when grandkids come to visit instead of me just building some thing for them. They have expressed interest in building their own robot.
Thank You for all your great work!
Steve S