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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Autoposition Missing Movement Arrows


I had the movement arrows on my Movement Panel (autoposition) but they have disappeared.

Are there requirements needed for them to appear?
Is there a way to get them back? (Don't want to have recreate all my frames!)



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#1   — Edited
Sounds like you’re using the auto position. Not the Auto Position movement panel.

theres two different auto positions. One for movement. And one for just auto position. It’s covered in the manual for both. Which can be accessed by pressing the question mark

also. You can’t lose the frame data. Because you can load and save frame data within the config of the auto position:) . So if you need to move to a Movement Panel version, export the frame data and load it into the new one. The feature for importing and exporting is in the config section of the auto position.
United Kingdom

The confusing bit is there were movement arrows....then i closed Arc...went to bed and then when I loaded back up this morning, the arrows had gone.

I'll try recreating the Movement Panel as you suggested.
Perhaps you opened a different project or had a different movement panel. I definitely don't want to imply anything, but it'd be impossible for the skill control to change into something else :D. At least, not without opening the project file in text editor and manually changing it, etc...

Do you save the projects to the cloud? If so, there's backup versioning control. You can reload a previous version to see
United Kingdom

Implication noted.xDxD....and I promise...it was there and now it's not. ....but I might be mis-remembering.xD

It's a local project. So your advice about loading the frames into a new Movement Panel did the trick:)

Thanks as always. Very much appreciate your enduring efforts to educate us!:)