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Autoposition Missing Movement Arrows

Hi, I had the movement arrows on my Movement Panel (autoposition) but they have disappeared. Are there requirements needed for them to appear? Is there a way to get them back? (Don't want to have recreate all my frames!) Thanks Steve

Servo Range Restricted With ESP32

Hi DJ and co... Thanks for all the hard work with the recent ARC updates. I've recently added an ESP32 to my InMoov to control some of the servos using Arc.... And I've noticed that the servos don't rotate the full 180 degrees when connected to the ESP32 Example..... Neck up/down servo on InMoov rotates full 180 degrees when connected to an...

Reading UART Integer/Float Sent From Arduino

Hi, I've been using the following tutorial and code to get data from an Arduino for a battery of sensors...  >> Using Arduino as Encoder One of my sensors is a Barometer and is sending the pressure....but the value falls outside of the 255 that this tutorial seems to accept. The number for the pressure on my arduino is a float of currently 998.10 -...
Shorted Out EZB

Shorted Out EZB

Hey Guys, Well it seems I'm having a couple of days of stupidity...because I appear to have damaged one of my EZB v4. I was connecting the UART cable to an Arduino and stupidly connected it...
Autoposition Changes All Servospeeds

Autoposition Changes All Servospeeds

Hi In my InMoov project i have some movements that I am trying to do at different speeds occasionally. In this instance, I want to move the head...
Sendserial - Multiple EZ-B

Sendserial - Multiple EZ-B

Hi, Is it possible to address a certain EZ-B (when you have more than one) with the SendSerial command? By that I mean the BoardIndex like the Uart commands have. I...

Firmware Update To Allow Long Network Password

Hi. One of my two Ez-B V4/2's will not connect to a network with a long encryption key. One has  WiFi 3165 v2017.01.05.00 - This allows the long password/key. The other has  WiFi 3165 v2016.09.27.00 - This does not allow it. Is it possible to update the firmware? Where can I find the latest firmware? Ez-Builder isn't finding any updates. I can't...

Connecting Via Usb - No Advanced Button

Hey Guys, I have a couple EZB V4/2's that I've bought to power my InMoov and I'd like to connect to one using USB as per Tutorial 76 ....buuuuut.....My EZB doesnt show the advanced button. Am I missing something? *confused*
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