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Auto Arrange And Gui Questions

When opening a project from the EZ-Cloud , an Auto Arrange popup asks to arrange controls for your desktop, giving you the choice. But when opening a project from the local PC, you are not prompted for auto arrange and it automatically does the auto arrange.

Also noticed the " Controls " tab is not the same when a opening a project from the EZ-Cloud and locally . When opening a cloud project icons are displayed, when a local project is opened , text is displayed. The controls tab issue happens when older projects are opened , not when a new projects are opened. What is the difference between new and older versions of .ezb files that would change the gui configuration ?


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Auto arrange is an option at the bottom of the open dialogue for local projects. Uncheck it to disable.


That fixed the auto arrange issues, any thoughts on the control tab.


reboot your computer and re-install ARC. you appear to have an issue with your operating system.


Tried a reboot and re-installing , no change. Even deleted the ARC directory b4 re-installing.

The .pdf shows how the control tab is displayed when loading an older project versus an new one. No biggy, must be something in the project file itself. Don't worry about it.


Also tried this on a second machine, a laptop running windows 8 and got the same results.


Cosmetics only, I can live with it. Thanks.


FYI, Found it, seems to be a windows display manager thing.

I started a new project, I started to add scripts, once the number of scripts or the titles of the scripts filled the right side of the controls tab, the left side changes from icons to text.

The older project that I was loading has many script, I keep all the scripts up front to view their status, so I don't use a script manager.



Every time I close the program then reopen it reorganizes the icons. I have unclicked auto arrange but still have the issue.

I need group as shown. ideas or bug?


There are 2 auto arrange check boxes... one when you open a file on your hard drive and another when you download one of your projects from the cloud... Did you uncheck both of these?

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There are three actually, there's also one when you add a new control. (just posting for completeness)