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Arrow Keys And Auto Position Panel

Is it possible to have moviment panel working with its actions, but having at the same time the possibility to control motors with hbridge and Arrow Keys and even keyboard commands ? It seems not possible. Everyone disables the other.


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Can you explain why does not work ? Please describe the controls you use.


I have a robot with arms and wheels.There is an AutoPosition panel. I click "execute" and the arms perform an action composed by some frames. During this performance , I'd want to move the robot by a hbridge pwm movement control panel driving the wheel, using the arrow keys option that's in that panel. I added this control in my project, I also would like to send other commands using the PC keyboard, by the "keyboard control". But the three control panels don't work at the same time. While the main control panel operates the arms, or ends its performance, the other functions are disabled. How can I get these three control functions working at the same time , without having to enable/disable each one by clicking on them with the mouse ?


@leonardo46 Just write a script to do what you want....


Arrow keys will still control a Movement Panel when the key control object is selected. I have not had any issues using a keyboard contril while AutoPosition was already running. I set up keys in my keyboard control to execute autopositions with control commands so I never need to deselect the keyboard control once selected.



When I start the Auto Position action by clicking " execute" in the auto movenment panel ,at the same time , the keyboard control shows "click here to activate". I must click there to activate the keyboard control, otherwise i can't have keyboard control. And while the action is running, I actually have arrow keys working, but when the action ends , the arrow keys don't work any more, and then I have to "click to use arrow keys " again , otherwise I can't have arrow keys working any more.


What I said was instead of clicking in the AutoPosition ti execute it, set a key to execute your autopositions via ControlCommand() script statements. Then your mouse never loses focus on the key control.

See my public ez-b project "myroli-mkii" for examples.



OK. What script statement should I use to start executing an action called for example " move arms" in my AutoPosition panel ?


Assuming your AutoPosition control has the default name of "Auto Position"

ControlCommand("Auto Position", AutoPositionAction, "move arms")

You can always use the script Cheat Sheet function to find valid script commands. Right click in the script edit window, select the object you want to send a command to, and there will be a dropdown of all available commands for that object (mostly control commands).

There are numerous examples of executing autopostion actions, frame jumps, and executing other scripts in the key command object of my public "myroli-mkii" project on the EZ-cloud.



Ok. Alan, now it works ! I had tried with control commands , but my sintax was not exact , (capital letters, blank spaces between words , parameters , etc). It was necessary to be 100% correct ! I had no detailed diagnostic, no intellisense available. Thanks, you solved my problem !


Please use the learn section tutorial regarding ezscript:

The Cheat Sheet will make locating the syntax super easy and accurate. Use the ControlCommand syntax with the cheat sheet. All commands available for your project are listed there. You can also explore ControlCommand() syntax by right clicking on the script editor window.

The Cheat Sheet is the way to identify dynamic commands for controls regarding your specific project configuration. The Cheat Sheet is your intellicense.

The above tutorial is super useful for tips and tricks with ezscript :)


@leonardo46 No need to type in the Control Commands (Cheat Sheet commands) manually.... just click on them and they will automatically get copied into your script....


Ok, DJ, ARC has many powerful tools, but to discover them is not always easy. Answers from community members are often more efficient than tutorials . Often tutorials aren't detailed enough to provide an answer to my banal questions.


Understandable, as human communication is great way to make friends as well :). The tutorial that will be useful for you is here:

Enjoy that tutorial :)