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Arc On Windows 10 Viva Vitualbox Or Wine App

Is it possible to run ARC on windows 10 in a virtual box running in linux ubuntu 18.04?
I was wondering becuase i was thinkn of investing in the nvidia Xavier which runs linux and is an extremely versatile in mobile applications, i want to use ARC and ez robot to learn coding with the c# and learn enough intil i feel it save to switch to the Xavier side, ARC and ezbv4 is the fastest way to use for beginners and intermediate and the Xavier is great for intermediate to professional and if i can learn c# then i can learn traditional c and then assembler to use in industrial usage later, sorry in ask so many questions but im trying to move into another career in as fast as possible and self taught to avoid over paying a vocation school for worthless results.

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I can’t find a place to buy latte panda. They all seem to be 200+
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@DJ...  DFRobot... but they are currently out of stock of the 2g/32g model at the moment 
Latte Panda $89

They’ve been out of stock for a year it seems lol - I’m guessing they’re trying to push the more expensive pandas? And stopped producing the low cost ones
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Yeah looks like it. I settled on the 4g/64 Enterprise version but when I bought mine it was much less than $209
I bought the first generation of LattePanda 4G/64GB (from their kickstarter campaign), but it has many design flaws and it stop working without any reason (and with no solution from their support). They probably made progress in QC since then, but I must admit that I am now hesitant to reinvest in a Panda...

Thanks, I am aware of Virtualbox. In fact, it is what I use on a daily basis for ARC (see post #1 of this thread)
So what is the problem my friend? ARC works?

Requirements to run ARC 99.9% on a Virtual Machine:

Host Hardware CPU: Intel x86, Intel x64, Amd x64 (ARM is not supported e.g. Raspberry PI, NVIDIA and other ARM boards)
Support for Virtualization: Not all Intel CPUs support virtualization, please check the vendors websites.
Host Operating System: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Guest (Virtual Machine) Operating System: Windows 
Virtualization Software: VirtualBox, VMWare, Parallels
Requirements to run ARC on Linux Wine:

Host/Guest Hardware: Intel x86, Intel x64, Amd x64 (ARM is not supported e.g. Raspberry PI, NVIDIA and other ARM boards)
Operating System: Linux (Obviously)
Feedback: posts# 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29
Recommendation: Runs with several problems, not recommended and not supported 
To complete the info on virtualization, it should be noted that the virtual machine can use only a sub-part of your PC resources (half of them generally). It means that you need to have a sufficiently powerful PC to handle the virtualization.
So, ARC may be slow sometime when many functions are open and work at the same time, even if the PC have the minimum specifications.

Overall, quality of the screen is also less optimal....
Maybe the simple solution is just get a Windows laptop  :-)

That is what I use

OK, good idea. Thanks.