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Ar Drone


I am trying to build a script that will make the drone take off, then fly left and right (not turn, but really fly these directions - is that what's called yaw?) then Land.

As well i am trying to build a script that will make the drone fly according to joystick movements, that i recorded for it in advance.

I have tried this script:

ControlCommand("AR Drone", TakeOff)
ControlCommand("AR Drone", Land)

But nothing happend...

How do i script such things?



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Nothing would happen, because there is no ControlCommand() for those examples. All available ControlCommands are listed in the Cheat Sheet tab when editing a script.

Beside the editor is a manual of commands. The manual has all commands. Each command has a description written about it. Each command also contains an example. The commands you are looking for are TakeOff() and Land()

So your script would be something like









Indeed it works with this script!

Thanks a lot!
No problem:) Printing the manual and reading it like a news paper is nice also. I do that so I can get ideas of what to do with my robot. Sometimes I read the manual and get excited about some commands:)
United Kingdom
I keep a PDF version of the manual here if you're cheap... I mean environmentally friendly like me:)
Here are a few more questions, that i could not find their answers, by going through the manual:

How do i change the joystick and AR Drone control, so the left and right will make the drone really fly left and right, not turn around its axis in these directions? (i am referring to the blue arrow buttons on the sides of the red "stop" button in the AR Drone control and also to moving the joystick)

Is it possible to control the Drone, using the mouse pad? I tried adding a touch control, and it didn't respond, maybe it was a local momentary wireless connection problem, or any other reason?

As well, i tried to record joystick movements, when the drone was flying and responding well to joystick movements, and then replay them, but was not able to. Is there anything i forgot to configure or add on the script recorder?

Thanks for the PDF version!

I have put it on my desktop and will be using it frequently.
I am doing a big project on getting the ar drone 2.0 compatible. all the controls are fine with me.
Hey Technopro!

When you turn the joystick left and right, does the drone fly left and right or yaw left and right? (yaw - turn on its axis)

In my case, it yaws.

How do i make a left and right movement of the joystick, to fly the drone left and right, instead of yaw left and right?

sorry, I'm not sure. I'm using key controls. will be using joysticks soon though.