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Connect To Ar Drone From Script?

Hello EZ-robot people! I was searching the web for an EZ builder script command, that will enable me to connect to the AR Drone from within a script, but could not find how to do it. Any ideas? Thanks.

Entering A String Of Moves?

Hello! I have built this robot with the EZ-Robot card! Now i would like to build a script, that when i start it, a text input window will pop up, where i can enter a string of characters, and this string will be taken apart to its single characters, by the script, and for each character case, a certain movement of the robot will be executed, one...

Run A Script From Within A Windows Batch File?

Hello! Is is possible to open the ARC in the background and run a script - all at once, from within a windows batch file? Thanks, Roi.

Connecting A 2.4Ghz Rs232 Transmitter To The Ez-B ?

Hello EZ-robot guys! Is it possible to connect this 2.4Ghz RS232 DSM2 transmitter to the EZ-B board ? : And via these 2 transmitting modules, control one of these 2.4Ghz DSM2 receiver/servo controllers: All this, is for 2...

Another Ar Drone Question

Hey there guys! Went through the manual, but couldn't find the following: Trying to understand how do the AR drone variables $X and $Y work exactly....? Thanks, Roi.

If Question

Hello there! I want to put after an If (value condition) more than just one command. Is it possible? What would be the syntax? Thanks, Roi.

Ar Drone

Hello! I am trying to build a script that will make the drone take off, then fly left and right (not turn, but really fly these directions - is that what's called yaw?) then Land. As well i am trying to build a script that will make the drone fly according to joystick movements, that i recorded for it in advance. I have tried this script:...

Drone Controls Questions

Hello there! I have a few questions regarding the AR drone EZ-B control: 1.Why is the camera device control showing me the drone bottom camera and not the front one? 2.Why is the whole ARC software, always crashing, about half a minute after the drone camera is connected, in the camera device control? 3.Why are the servos attached to the EZ-B,...

Upload Script To Controller?

Hello! Is there a way to upload and executed scripts on the controller itself, so a computer communicating with the controller, will not be needed? Thanks, Roi.

A Circle Script?

Hello there! I have 2 servos: One for X axis and another for Y axis. I am trying to build a script that will make the arm move in a perfect circle form, but having trouble with transforming a circle formula into the EZ script syntax. Can you please help me? Thanks, Roi
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