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It seems a re-brand maybe a different pcb with the MTOF171000C0 sharp sensor:


MTOF171000C0 is designed and manufactured by Socle Technology Corporation, which is a Foxconn subsidiary and the official supplier of Sharp optoelectronic components and sensors in North America, China, and Taiwan.

Great digging @ptp, you found the one!

I'm definitely interested in this sensor.


I had never seen the sensor before.  But I did think it was rather good test the gentlemen did from DroneBotWorkshop (which I had also somehow never heard of or seen before).

What is your main interest in the sensor EZang60?  Is it the small size?  Did you have a specific application use in mind or just general robotic?  At first I thought this sensor might make for a good short range sensor for robot claws/hands, but in my mind I think IR sensors probably still work well after seeing the whole test video.


I guess I meant to ask is the small size for the sensor desired because you have a small robot or tiny flying drone or need a sensor in a robot claw where other sensors don't work as well?

The Dimensions of the Tof10120 are listed as: 10mm x 12mm x 3.5 mm The HC-SR04 Sonar sensor has the dimensions listed as: 45mm x 20mm x 15mm

The LaserPING from Parallax Inc which is pin compatible with the sonar unit and software compatible in ez-ARC using the 1pin setting and has the PCB dimensions of: 22mm x 16mm   Just wanted to toss the LaserPING in the mix for a smaller alternative.  As I'm about add a camera in my tiny Wall.e I'm going to see if I can squeeze a LaserPING in there too.

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Regarding the LaserPing Is a different product is based on RFD77402: They are gone,  Heptagon aquired RF Digital (RF Digital, Simblee) and then AMS (e.g. digital encoders sensors used by Dynamixel) gets both (  and then shutdowns Heptagon, RF Digital, Simblee (RFDuino)

Parallax has stock... maybe they will deprecate the product like sparkfun's