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Anyone Willing To Part With Their V3 Wireless Cam?

Just as the title suggests I'm looking for the old v3 USB camera if anyone has upgraded and looking to part with theirs. Thanks!

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Are you talking about the wireless Camera with the dongle?


I need to find the front and rear covers User-inserted image


I would be willing to trade out for printing....:)

Mine is in factory condition.


@technopro, the front and rear caps?

@ Louis EMAIL ME , I have another member in line ahead of ya for printing , I'll probably have plenty of time for that this weekend , I got new filament in and new hot ends.


I just received the 2 cameras I orders from DealXteme. They are hot pink (you could paint the case). They came in these nifty 5.5" x 4" x 3"tall tin cases. Took 16 days for my order to come in (not bad from overseas).

User-inserted image