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Anyone Available To Do Ez-Script Scripting Examples ?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Good Morning Fellow EZ-Robot Scripters !

 Is anyone available to colaborate on EZ-Scrpts and write simple Test Code Examples to become familar with Using the  EZ-Script Instruction Set ?

 Hopefully, we can do it by this Forum, if that is permitted, or Phone, or Skype, etc.

Thank You & Best Wishes From Phoenix,, 602-246-1246(H)


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United Kingdom

Doug, what functions do you need examples for?

There are some example scripts in the forums and also in the cloud if you want to look them over.

If you have any specific commands you need help with let me know and I'll tell you what I know. Or if you need to make the script do something if you explain it we cna see about writing a script to do that.


Doug, there are already Examples built in. Also, I have just posted mine to the cloud under finished robots.

Of course, we can ALWAYS USE MORE.


Hello Again Fellow EZ-Robot Scripters !

 I am trying to duplicate JD's custom Roomba  Movement Panel with generic components from ARCs Add Components pull-downs.

 I have posted my success to date yesterday on EZ-Cloud, Roomba Speed Control Using EZ-B's PWM 1-Feb-2013.EZB.

 It is now time for me to learn to Adjust Roomba's Speed using a Slide Bar, but the Slide Graphic has disappeared in the last ARC Revision Update.

 My life experience with Coding is limited to Microsoft Quick Basic 4.5, and being able to Debug It by inserting Print Statements at Milestone Commands.

 I like EZ-Script's ability to Watch Variables; Now I need to learn how to use it.

Thank You All For Your Time & Prompt Replys,, 602-246-1246(H)



Saturday, 2 February 2013

Good Morning EZ-Robot Scripters !

 I finall got a Simple Script to RUN in a short amount of time !

 I am looking Scripting Volunteers to do Several Scripting Examples ?

Thank You All,, 602-246-1246(H)


Print("Status of Digital Switch & Port")

If (GetDigital(D19) = 1) Print("Yes") Else Print("No") EndIf

Goto(Start), 602-246-1246