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Asked — Edited

Ann Droid?

Ann Droid...purely animation or robotics?
This bot is cool whether it is an animation or actual robot!
The acting is questionable with the green screen stand backs.
Maybe this can be a 2015/16 EZ Robot?
Steve S


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i think some day it will be possible and that day is not far away.
there is a lot more that we dont know off,the video is in some way,
realistic.many woman will be feeling left out and hurt.
i did see a case off a man choosing for his (toy) and he had a beteautifull wife.
the smoothness off the ann droid is allreddy in use in some robots.
see aldebaran pepper-robot.
I was not expecting such a detailed response, but we will soon find out.
My wife is not threatened by my robotics, LOL.
Do you think this vid is an animation, that is my question?
Steve S
its pretty obvious that it's an animation

it keeps lifting like a full foot off the floor and the lighting on the model is in the wrong position, its different than the light shining on the people

but the robot is pretty well done, i give them that:D
Yes, obviously CGI.... No one could possibly be fooled by that...
What's an RC animation?.... It's clearly CGI Mel.....
You have to have really bad eyes or monitor to not see it as CGI.