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Airsoft Bot

Hey, I am planning on making an airsoft robot like one called "Robotic weapon"

obviously much more smaller simple and cheaper. I just had 2 questions:

can the EZ-B v3 control these DC motors
and if it can how?

and question number 2,
can the EZ-B control linear actuators like the firgelli L12?

please let me know if one of does is not possible with what other platform I might be able to do it.


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If you get a motor controller that runs 14.4V and the right amperage per channel your good for the motors.

As for the actuators, I'm not sure... Hope this helps!
Like every platform, you'll need motor controllers to control motors.... So yes, ezb can control motors too through motor controllers like an h-bridge or sabertooth.
thanks 4 the quick response. I just have one more question. once you plug ur DC motors into the sabertooth how do you plug it into the EZ-Board?
dont worry I found that one out. you just plu in the little PMW wires to the EZ-B:)
I have done 2 airsoft robots, i found using a automatic electric airsoft gun made the process simple. You can use a simple tip 120 Darlington transistor , a 1 ohm resistor and 1 amp diode + misc wire. I have a few cyber force airsoft guns.
If you want a nice pan and tilt for the airsoft gun servo city makes some nice ones.
thank you 4 the tips @jstarne1 where they powered by EZ-B or by what?
The ezb "powers" items by sending a low voltage 5 volt signal. You use that signal to trigger a more powerful switch like a relay , transistor or h bridge. In my case I used the Darlington transistor to power the guns directly from the robots 6 volt battery.

if I a using 2 of the dewal motors that I put before do you think a 14rc sabertooth will do the job?
Not the RC sabertooth, you need the microcontroller version... Yes, sabertooths can handle up to 30V and 100+amps depending on the model you buy... You need to be more concerned about the amps the motors draw wore than their voltage they use... The Sabertooth is controlled via serial commands or the sabertooth Movement Panel in ARC software... I would consider geared motors instead of the Dewalts you listed.. servo City also sells geared motors... Something around a 100 or so RPM would work well...