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Make Your Robot Follow You

hey, I am building a robot for the world makerfaire @ NY. and I cameup with tht idea of making my robot follow me, but i dont really know how to make it. Does anyone knows?

Airsoft Bot

Hey, I am planning on making an airsoft robot like one called "Robotic weapon" obviously much more smaller simple and cheaper. I just had 2 questions: can the EZ-B v3 control these DC motors and if it can how? and question number 2, can the EZ-B control linear actuators like the...
Dog Robot

Dog Robot

i was watching some videos and i came across this robot called the dog robot. using some ultrasonic beacon's to know were to go here is the link to know how to make them. so i had this question, can...


hey, i am planning to buy a new laptop becuase i dont like mac that much, any suggestion *confused*


Hi, I uploaded the ARC to my mac computer because I have it on my pc, and when I tried to open it a label popped up and said that I didn't had any application to run it. Does anyone knows what application I could use?

Wheels For The Servo

Hi, I have been searching for about 2 weeks some wheels for my modified servos, Because the ones that the kit includes are very little. I was thinking of something between 2 and 5 inches of diameter. Does someone know where I could get some?
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