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About Embedded Mini-Itx Computer Inside Robots

I was thinking about embedding a computer inside the robot, my concerns are: how do you operate it without a screen? for example if i were putting it inside an R2D2 or WALL-E robot that don't need a screen. Do you all plug in a screen every time you turn it on?

Which mini-itx board/system? i know about the DELL FX160 $40 but then i gotta buy rams, hdd, usb wifi/bluetooth/sound card, which adds up. Looking for the cheapest solution that runs decent and compatible with Windows 7 if possible for speech recognition. Already have a SSD on hand.



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Who is Thomas? Well you have my email and phone
I do not recall exact handle on here but Thomas is the
Robots & Androids guy. He in on here.

I did not email but did text you earlier.... no response. See I need my robot companion.
Oh I didn't get it , email me kandyred@ gmail . Com and give it.number maybe I saved it wrong
I like it to me a bit more advance, medium size bot 2-3ft tall, has lots of sensors, DOF, autonomous, etc. I just might grab that $79 board, actually shipping is $7, not free. What kind of PSU do i need?

isn't this a better deal? same price, has 2.13Ghz dual core, ram only up to 4GB, but i think that's enough for just running ARC.
The reason why it was free shipping was free shipping on orders over 100 , by the time you bought your ram , I haven't used that board but specs are cool.
I shop at Newegg a lot, they don't give free shipping on orders over $100. Free shipping are usually offered on a particular product no matter how much your order is, you still get charge shipping for the item that has shipping charge. Thanks for all the suggestions!
You will want a pico 160 watt , there are 90 watt models but.you want to have wiggle room for your drive , USB devices , maybe a DVD drive so I would go for a 160 watt , they are on mp3car.com or eBay.
I am currently using a laptop but would like to use a mini-ITX. However, I want the script to automatically run at boot up; can this be done? I would only want to have a button for stopping and starting the script, very simple user interface, do not want a screen, do not want a keyboard. Has anyone done this?
Hi Randy,

Now just to clarify are you talking about EZ-B running at start-up? This is something I want to do as well. I know a few people have been working on this and the bug has even been put in DJ's ear. I am not sure if he's working on it or not but I think eventually someone will work it out.

I will start a thread specifically for this. Maybe someone has done it already.

My app is a simple talking figure that just repeats over and over. I'm not sure I even need a computer at all. Is there a way to maybe capture to memory (record) the serial data for my script and then have a stand alone serial transmitter over bluetooth perform the function of the laptop? sort of like a repeater but using previously recorded serial data as the input...
Probably but this is out of my realm of expertise.
@Louis I was mistaken in my terminology. I was referring to SHDC .. Or what ever that is called - the SD cards used in cameras and such. It's very slow compared to compact flash.

SSD drives are very fast, yes. I was not thinking straight:) I use SSD in all of my computers. Without SSD drives, i would never be able to live with compiling ARC and the EZ-SDK... Which would take 60 seconds on my I7 extreme with a regular hard drive. It takes 30 seconds or more with SSD:P
Yea you would pull your hair out in that extra 30 seconds lol, did you always use a fast machine like.that or did.you let it drive you nuts till you built something better?
Yes i figured that's what you meant. lol at your 30 extra seconds, but you need all the time you need right :).
The 30 seconds is killed when you hit compile, and realize there's a mistake. You have to wait a minute for the compile to complete before you can type again:(
"...when you hit compile, and realize there's a mistake."

OMG. Did DJ just say he makes mistakes?!? I don't believe it for a second. :D
Here is an option for a
It would be a little small for programing, but if you had the computer all set up, it would be big enough to boot up and keep track of what is going on.

It seems that they are out of stock at the moment, but they were only about $80.00.
I got his monitor, haven't hooked it up yet.

$29 isn't bad.

It's pretty small. 4.3"

User-inserted image
on my designs i use 1.2 ghz or 1 ghz over clock ,pico computer 3 inches by 4 inch size
works perfect with EZB software and more ,it does fit inside the large WALL-E design
model is PX10000G by VIA or they have PX11000G AT 1.2 GHZ AND CAN OVERCLOCK THEM TOO
every ITX board wont fit inside most robot designs ,mostly 6 inch by 7 inch stand ,only OMNIBOT MODELS,and looking at much higher current ,meens stronger motor and much larger battery
my lastest buy,i got 7 of PX10000 with memory for $330 and each one lists for $150
plus have 6 more at home (13 hope a not un lucky #)

on SSD thats only drive i use,besides the best speed ,low power,low current,and can really get damaged like regular hard drives (ssd has no moving parts)