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ARC Dumb Question

I exit ARC and save the project. When I reload the project the control windows rearrange themselves every time. It even goes so far as to move some of the controls to a separate window.
I am clearly missing something to make them stay put when saving.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Not a dumb question, because it is not obvious (I thought it would be in options | preferences).

Goto File Open. On the bottom of the screen there is a checkbox to enable or disable auto arrange.



HA! It's so embarrassing when the solution is so easy. I usually open the project from the project history on ARC start up but will sometimes open it from the File open button. That's why it was seemingly random.

Thanks Alan!

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@3dPrinterGuy Not a dumb question, i’ve been using ARC for 2+ yrs and didn’t know that and found it’s a pain! ??

Thanks a lot Alan.


+1 Alan.

I noticed the behavior. I wrongly assumed as "normal".


Alan thanks,.. I missed that too



So that's how you do it. ugh.


It was always something I wanted to look into, but never did. Glad 3dPrinterGuy asked, and for Alan to share. Thanks.


to finich the question,here's a pic.

User-inserted image


I didn't realize this was such a mystery, because there have been discussions of it before, but now that I look, it has been 3 years since the last time it came up.



sorry to bring this up again i notest when adding more controls,all the other controls are moved from there place. is there something els i can do?


Look to see that the little box in the lower left corner (Auto Arrange New Control) is not checked. You will see it when you open the Add Control window from the menu.


yes i unchecked long i dont ad a control it stays .but from the moment i choose another control,averthing moves again.


checked or not.they dont stay.


got have to uncheck on two places.see pic post #9 and the other is . see pic below.when you choose a window,all will stay in place and the window you just choosed will appear left upper corner.

User-inserted image


OK! Two places for Auto Arrange. First when opening a new project from saved projects and the second is in the Add Control window from within a already opened project.

I can see how this could get someone twisted up. eek Nice work.


hi dave

woohoo i found :D