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A Possible Feature Enhancement

@DJ Sures,

In EZ-Builder, could there be a "lock" added to controls (specifically scripts) that would require a user to unlock the control to make changes to it?

Here is my logic and why it might be a good idea. On custom robots like an InMoov, setting minimum and maximum servo positions is pretty critical. This is normally done in an init script. This lock would prevent someone from making changes to the script without expressly knowing that they are making changes to that script. It is kind of like changing settings in Linux or Mac OS. The user would unlock the script to make it editable.

I haven't had this issue recently but can see the following scenario. I will be taking my InMoov to shows and want people to be able to see and "mess with" the EZ-Builder project. The main concern that I have with doing this is someone changing the init script which would set the min and max positions for the servos, which then could be damaging to the robot. The lock wouldn't absolutely stop this from happening, but it would make it less likely.

The thought is that the lock would be unlocked by default, but the user could then lock the control using this feature. The same type of thing could be incorporated into other control settings, but I think scripts would be the most useful. Anyway, it is just a thought that I had this morning and thought I would bring it up.

Oh wait, you wrote "boredom"....
Let me start by saying that this is an amazing plugin that I would use in its current state without any complaints. Great job PTP!

Here are a couple of things that I found. These are just things that need to be understood with using the plugin and it is logical as to why it functions the way that it does.

The script manager seems to be an all or nothing thing. For example, if I hide one element of the script manager's list of scripts (for example the Edit button on one script) it hides the entire element, meaning that the list box of scripts is hidden. This is not a big deal, just informational

It makes since that the same thing happens in the settings of the Speech Recognition control for phrases and commands. If there are multiple items in a list, you can disable the list but not a single item in the list.

This definately solves the issue that I was having with the init script being modified and works great there.

Is there any way to make the "Okay" type buttons the default button? For example, when typing a password and pressing enter, can that execute the event for "lock" or "Unlock" type actions? I do like the work you put in to make things like the lock button disabled until a password is entered.

Another thing that I don't know if it happen exactly this way or not, but here is the sequence that I believe that I did. The first thing I did was change the passwords. I used the passwords of password and admin in their proper "current password" fields. I then added what I wanted my password to be in the new password and confirm password fields. From there I hit the Save button. It told me that my Lock password had been changed and then it came up and told me that my full screen password wasn't changed due to having the wrong password. I went back and tried the password of password again in the Current Password field in the Full Screen section of the Change Passwords form and hit Save. It told me again that I didn't have the correct password. I then tried my new password in this field and it told me that I had changed my password. It looks like it did save correctly the first time but then told me the Lock password was changed, but the Full Screen password hadn't been changed.

So far, these are the only things that I see that might be able to be changed to make it more polished. By the way, if you ever get a project from me, the password is going to be the same which is "Dang, PTP continues to prove to me why he is AWESOME!"

Thanks and again, I will use this as it is even if you never make another change to the plugin. Great job.
@ptp... It works great... Thanks again for this...:)

New version released.



The only thing that I can see that would be nice is if there were a way to see a list of everything that is locked or hidden. Not necessary, just a nice to have.



The script manager seems to be an all or nothing thing.

I added support for GridView cells, bear in mind uses the Cell's Row,Col Index.
The DataGridView cells are not real controls, to implement the same disable effect it's too much work plus is not a clean job. So the restriction is implemented by intercepting the click event and ignoring or rejecting a cell edit event for the Textbox cell.


Is there any way to make the "Okay" type buttons the default button

Added. It was very annoying.


Another thing that I don't know if it happen exactly this way or not, but here is the sequence that I believe that I did.

Fixed, it was a change password bug.

I just tested out the changes. They work great! Thanks for the plugin and also these additions. You have outdone yourself!