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A Little Off Topic. Claw Machine?

Ok, soo... i wanted to build something crazy, something totally different. The ideas in my head wouldnt let me sleep, i finally came up with an idea like no other, a working claw machine...mostly made out of wood, and that wood being a large majority of popsicle sticks. Farfetched? Yes.

When i was little, i was fasinated by claw machines, ive wanted one since then. I wanted to use some cheap RC cars to move the claw left and right, and baack and forth. But, making the claw open and close automatically is where im stuck.

Any tips or ideas? I also have a Youtube video, (warning, its pretty dumb) it shows my claw, i also need tips or ideas on improving it. heres the link :


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Your video link is messed up

However I haven't watched it...

Auto open/close claw would be easy to do with scripts, joystick and a few digital switches for when it knows it's got home and needs to open again.


That's a wicked claw! You can totally add a small servo for the center to make it close and open. The rest can just be assembled with hot glue. Looks like you have great experience with the hot glue gun, I bet you're right at home with the EZ-Robot kit


Wow I think it's awesome that you think my claw is good!:D i'm considering the servo idea, i think I have an old robotics kit with servos in it. If i can't make do with that i'll consider buying a new kit. And it will be E-z robot(:


Wicked! You can start by downloading the ARC software and playing around. There are a lot of features you can play with before you get the kit. That's always a good way to start


Nice! Welcome to ez robot - Josh S