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MIP Robot Live Hack

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Onto another project! This simple hack is one I wanted to show off for a while. Now that DJ Sures has graciously added new functionality to the ARC software to work with the new and old versions of the MIP, it's the perfect time to do this hack!

The MIP is a really neat self-balancing robot that can carry some decently sized items since it has an inverted pendulum design. It is already showing up at garage sales and second-hand sites for really low prices. I purchased mine for $15 CAD, brand new they used to go for $55-70 USD.

I'll be using the EZ-B v4 and trying the EZ-B IoTiny for this hack. Since the MIP only has classic Wowee beeps and grunts, we'll change that and add a voice. I'll also show you how to quickly open up the MIP, solder to its communication port, and what wires to connect where.

I also use both versions of the MIP so you can see them both in action.

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!

The software being used is created by Synthiam Inc. it's called ARC and can be downloaded here:

Robot building products were generously donated by EZ-Robot Inc. If you'd like to use their products for your own project, find them at:


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Oooh that’ll be a fun hack. The esp32cam would be a good one as well! Think I’m biased for the esp32cam because it has the camera built on with such a small form factor. Feels almost perfect for the mip:D
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Thanks for the new functionality with the new skill!

I’m curious though, isn’t the camera super slow on the esp32 cam? Like 1 frame a second?

*Edit The esp32cam also doesn’t have audio, so that’s sad.
The esp32 camera using my ezb firmware is faster than the ezrobot camera - but has a bit more noise depending on the adjustments.
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When that white mip took a nose dive off the table to floor, thought for sure it died but nope still runs! Was funny to see. Was too bad about the black mip not able to balance because all robots matter.I did see the attempt of white mip trying to get up with code 23, not too successful there. Oh well the live video was cutting off and on near end so it was good to end it there. I doubt I would want one but long live the Mips anyway!