Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Live Hacking Microsoft Mixed Reality VR to control a robot

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I'll be demonstrating how to control servos and see what the robot sees using a Microsoft Mixed Reality VR headset. However, this will also work with Google Cardboard, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. I might get around to showing how to do it with the others if there is time.

The plugin that I will be using is the STEAM OpenVR control from here:

You can read up on the manual in that plugin before the stream to get an idea of what i'll be doing. I'm thinking of using a hexapod for the robot. I might also use the InMoov. You guys let me know what robot you'd like to see me use!

Oh!! Interesting idea!!! Ya let’s try that. It should be possible
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Hey DJ , forgot to ask you the brand of those servos from the giant hex. They looked to be 1/5th scale servos. Are they Savox SV-0235MG (guessing because they are orange).
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They’re not great servos. Twitch a ton when under or higher voltage. Have to be very specific voltage. They’re also quite loud. Fast though!
Ahh ok. Will avoid those! Ha. Thanks.
Hi Dj, I was wondering about the Lidar test. Will you still be doing the testing of an interface and some Lidars this week? You kind of indicated an interface device may come available through a supplier soon. Is that still something coming? 

Which plug-in will you test,  both?
I will be out of town and the next live hack will be 31st of may