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United Kingdom

Shorted Out EZB

Hey Guys,

Well it seems I'm having a couple of days of stupidity...because I appear to have damaged one of my EZB v4.

I was connecting the UART cable to an Arduino and stupidly connected it with the power on....
Im not sure, but I may also have connected it the wrong way round....

SO....having possibly put 5 or 6v into the wrong place....the EZB does not fire up...and when plugged in, prevents the arduino and other EZB from working in the same circuit.

Is there any way that I can repair this or am I screwed?

Thanks for your sympathy!


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I have shorted out that exact same spot twice,LOL! Both times I had to buy the communication board for like 30 bucks and get it shipped to me then it is just easy to put it together with the other board inside.
United Kingdom
Oh that's not so bad.

I have 2 EZB so maybe i can check thr 2 halves of the Ezb.

Is there a risk of damaging the other EZB from plugging thr possibly damaged comms board into the other Ezb?
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No you should be fine, just be careful when you put the 2 boards together as the pins must line up exactly even or if even 1 pin bends it will not go together properly and then it is hard to make that 1 pin line up again,just go slow and even and not to force it if it does not seem to close up,use a good light to look all the way around at the pins as you close it up....Are both your EZB4's damaged? If so it may be better just to buy a new Comm board.
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This video shows how to separate the boards in an ezb at 5:00 markĀ 

United Kingdom
Thanks Dj.

I swapped over the boards but there's no power going to either part. My good ezb lights up it's blue LED and the good comms board lights up it's led when on the good ezb....

But the shorted ezb doesnt light up it's led or the comms....and thr good comms board on the shorted Ezb doesnt light up either.

Complete power failure on both then.

Im pretty good with andoldering iron....is there any component i can replace or is it too risky?
Wait ,did you say there is no power on either board with the bad EZB? You do realize there is a simple fuse that can blow,just try to replace that if there is no power at all.That happened with My Ezb3 but I'm sure there is also a main fuse for the EZ4.
United Kingdom
Yeah it's not the yellow fuse.

The comms board on the shorted one doesnt work on the working board. And the working comms board gets no power on the shorted board....make sense?

So no lights or activity from either component board from the shorted EZB.

I've put in an order for a new one....but it would be good if i could salvage this one in some way. Not sure if there is a component on the board that can be replaced?
I asked that question a long time ago (in a land far, far away. LOL) when I shorted out a EZB. The answer was no. I ended up buying a new unit.