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No Video From The Camera

Hello, I just received the EZ-Robot complete kit and I am having trouble getting an image using the video camera. I followed the instructions including DJ's response to someone else having trouble with the video camera ( I took the cover off the camera's dongle and pressed the reset button as he instructed), but that didn't work. In the "devices and printers" the wireless PC camera appears, I am using a laptop without an on-board camera and windows 7. Can anyone help? Thanks, steve3624

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Hmmm that's pretty rare. Out of a couple thousand cameras, I don't recall any damaged ones. They usually just require pairing. On occasion, they take a bit of time to charge and init due to radio interference in the area.

Are you able to power the camera complete off and try it?

Also, has the camera been charged for at least a few hours first?

Of course we'll warranty the item if it is indeed damaged. You'd Contact Us and arrange for a shipping exchange. We'll need the camera to verify that it is indeed damaged:)


Thanks DJ for the fast reply. I downloaded Skype to see if I could get any video, but I didn't, Skype found the wireless video device, but the test video is just black with the working circle just going around and around. I will run the camera battery completely down and try again. I sure hope that works because I am VERY anxious to start using it. Thanks, Steve3624


I drained the camera battery down until the blue work light went out, recharged it still nothing then took the camera's dongle apart and pressed the reset button until the 2ed red led was flashing and stayed on, but again nothing. I guess I will send the camera and the wireless dongle back.


Can anyone help me with how to contact EZ-robot co. to return the video camera for warranty? I have looked over the the EZ- Robot site for a phone number or warranty instructions. Thanks, Steve3624


In my above post I mentioned to contact us.:)


Hi DJ, I did as you said and sent the completed the form in the "contact Us" section, but no one has contacted me yet except for the general message from you saying "Thank you for contacting EZ-Robot!" Is there another method of contact I should use? Thanks, steve3624


Hey Steve,

I sent an email to you regarding your request but it must have been put in your spam/ junk folder. I will re-send my response:)

Let me know if you get it!


Hello Alan, Yes I just got your email, thanks I will sent as you requested. steve3624


I am having the exact same issue. What steps can I take to trouble shoot? So far, have tried on 2 computers, one XP and one Win 7. Got my kit last week and was trying to get it going this weekend.

Symptoms: seems to install fine, no errors, when I bring up software or Skype, the video is just black with a spinning circle.



Hello, Just to finish my thread, I know it's a little late, but this is how it worked out. I gave EZ my credit card info for another camera,which they sent me, and asked them not to process the card unless my old camera, which I sent back to them, was OK. My old camera was bad and the new one EZ sent me worked fine. Thanks for the good support. Steve