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Help Mounting Bluetooth Module

Does anyone know how to mount this Bluetooth module BLK-MD-BC05-B to a breakout board? It has connectors I haven't seen before. See photo. Sorry I don't know how to add a photo, but you can google the part number.


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sorry. i'm not good with this stuff(12yrs).

to add an image from your computer you take the image, make sure its jpeg,jpg, and your click "attach a file" at the bottom left. click browse and select the image. then say upload.

to add an image from a website just copy and paste the link in "Add Image".
Thanks for the help. I found out the module is a surface mount and I ordered a breakout board to mount it to.

Where did you get your break out board?
@steve3624 What are you planning to use the BLK-MD-BC05-B for? It's a A2DP bluetooth audio module. This can't be connected to the EZ-B.