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Arduino Into Ezb V4

Is easy to turn an arduino uno into an ezb v3. I can't find any ezb v3 to buy and I like the ezb v3. somehow the title changed to ezb v4 it should be ezb v3. steve3624


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V3 support have been discontinued, not to many members in the forums are using them. As mention by this
thread. EZ-robot offer to buy them back. You can use an arduino but it will not be supported by this forum nor it will work with ARC. However you can use the arduino with the V4 in serial mode and use it as a slave and send commands to it. I personally highly recommend the v4, you can even use it in AD-hoC mode, without the need of wifi, faster cpu, just better in performance all the way around. Arduino shield bluetooth or wifi can be used and you have to have some basic knowledge of machine programming like C/C++, not as user friendly as ARC.


Even if you were to write code that were to use the EZ-Robot Protocol, the Arduino Uno is not fast enough to replicate features of the EZ-B v3. The EZ-B v3 runs on a 40 MHz processor and the Uno is 16 mhz.

The EZ-B v3 was using every available clock cycle at 40 MHz to perform the features.


Thanks, that settles that no Arduino in place of EZ-b. Steve3624


Now that being said, you can control an arduino from the ezb


Can we connect to the HC-06 bluetooth, I tried and it looks like it wants to connect, but it won't. Steve3624


The ezb3 can only connect to a pc or similar as it is a slave device, so it needs a master device like your pc, android or ios device.... The ezb4 uses wifi only to do the same... ARC software can only connect to the ezb3 or the ezb4....

Forget the arduino and the ezb3 and buy the ezb4 with camera....:)


Hello DJ, how can I control an arduino wireless with the EZ -B software? thanks, steve3624



how can I control an arduino wireless with the EZ -B software
You can't. You can send serial commands to an Arduino wired to the UART port on an EZ-B v4. The EZ-B connects wirelessly to ARC.

I will post some links to examples when I am next in front of my computer, but a search of the forum should find a few examples by Luis Vasquez.



This Forum have a really good search features, really good at searching for keywords like "Arduino". Someone was successful sending serial commands here is the LINK


That's the one I was going to link to.....




Thanks guys, that gives me a starting point. Steve3624