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Help With Wowwee Roboquad

Hi, I just got the RoboQuad from ebay and I started to follow the video on connecting the EZ-B to it, but when I opened the head it looks different then the video. The board says G7303-3A. Can someone help in wiring it up? steve3624


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Post some pics. Let's see what the differences are.

For reference, here is a picture from the video with labels. The board is in the head of the robot.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Thanks DJ for the fast response. Here are photos for the board. I hope you can view them, I haven't added photos to a post before.

steve3624 User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Haha wow, i have no idea! The "TX" wire is what i'd expect to be correct - but then there is "Receiver" also. Additionally, I would assume there to be a transistor on the IR LED.

You can try either of those two. I'm surprised to see such a drastic change in the RoboQuad - specifically since there is only one version advertised


Thanks for looking. I don't have the remote because I didn't think I would need it since I was going to use the EZ-B. I guess I will try experimenting. If I get it to work I will post what I found. Steve3624


Okie let me know what you discover! )


Well I tried, but it's beyond my ability. I am not sure what I am going to do now. Any suggestions? steve3624

United Kingdom

In your pic it could be the yellow wire that you cut and connect to the EZB signal wire where DJ has used the blue wire in his pic

Or you could buy an infra red LED and connect it to the EZB signal wire and ground like any other ordinary LED and place it right in line with the Robo Quad IR_LED and dont make a physical connection at all. That way the EZB should act like a very clever remote question for DJ if you think this method would work ok?


Hello winstn60, Thanks for the info and looking at my problem. I like the infra red idea, I think I will try that next I hope it works. I will post my results in a week or so my results. I am waiting for the camera to come back for DJ for warranty. steve3624


Just for the record wowee has three different builds of the roboquad , they changed slightly after they came out with red sharper image and grey/ green discovery kids store roboquad the white ones being produced in the same runs had slight differences.


Thanks jstarne1, I didn't know that. steve3624


DJ, the blue wire that you cut, where did it go? to the ir sensor? Thanks,



Steve, i'd like to help you diagnose. Did you try connecting the EZ-B white signal wire to the TX or Receiver wire?


DJ, I didn't try that, but I will. Thanks, steve3624


Well I disconnected the wire called receive coming from the ir receiver and connected the signal wire from the EZ-B and the ground wire to the ground on the robot board, but it didn't work. I get pulses coming from the EZ-B signal wire when I push the arrow keys, but the robot won't respond, except for the normal start up routine. Any suggestions? Thanks Steve


I just tried connecting the signal wire from the EZ-B to the TX connection on the robot, but again didn't work...... Steve


I have a question about the RoboQuad example. In the control for using the arrow keys to move the roboquad I see the pulses are going low from 5v. Can they be made to go high ? I am trying to use the output from the EZ-B to drive an IR LED and mount that LED on the IR receiver of the roboquad, but the IR LED flashes "off" instead of flashing "on" to signal the IR receiver on the roboquad. I know I can use a transistor to invert the pulses, but that would be a little more complicated. Thanks, Steve


you won't be able to connect the IR LED to the EZ-B. Infrared (or any light transfer) uses a carrier frequency, not just simple on/off like a digital electrical circuit. It's a lot of reading, but this is a good source:

It sounds as if we need to get into the guts of the RoboQuad - in your case.

The RoboQuad that I use has an infrared receiver and decoder built in. It monitors a specific carrier frequency for data and converts it into electrical pulses.

For your RoboQuad, that circuit is seperate than the IR receiver. The IR receiver, in your case is not an entire unit - instead just a receiver. We'll need to get into the body and find out which wire it is. I wonder if I can find one of the models that you have.

Would you be willing to send it to me? I could make a tutorial video and send it back.


D.J. Thank you for your offer, I would like very much to send it to you to see if you can figure it out. Where should I send it, again thanks. Also did you get my video camera I sent to you as I was instructed to do by Alan at the Calgary office. Thanks, Steve


I just arrived in Calgary and see your camera here. I'll check it out today :)

You can send it to the same address as instructed by Alan for the camera - I'll be here for a while


Thanks D.J., I will put it in the mail tomorrow. Steve


Hi DJ. I am just checking to see if you received my RoboQuad? I am not in a hurry I just want to make sure it got to you. Thanks, Steve


I was told there is a package waiting for me - I'll be picking it up today or tomorrow :)


Sweet, IM interested in this outcome.


Hi DJ, just checking to see if you were able to take a look at the RoboQuad?


I'll be looking at the roboquad this weekend :)


I need your remote. It looks like the IR protocol is different also. The wire for the IR receiver is marked "Receiver" on the header. It is correct - but it is not responding to any commands. This says to me the IR codes are different for this roboquad version

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


So if you had the remote for it then you could replicate the signals?


Cool beans. Steve could yoy send him the remote (assuming you have it)?


Hi DJ, Thank you very much for doing this, but I bought the roboquad from ebay without a remote because I was going to use the EZ robot to control it. Is there any other way to figure it out. Steve


Hello DJ, well I am unable to find the correct remote, so I guess the best thing is to send the robot back to me. Let me know how much I owe you for your efforts and shipping and where to send the check. Again thanks, Steve


Sorry steve. Sell it on ebay and buy a different roboquad


Hi jstarne1, I don't think I will buy another, I might get another one like I have and won't be able to connect the ez robot to it. Steve


Sorry, but I have to much $ into this one, and if I get another like mine then it shipping to and from DJ, so I think I will move on to something else. I can sell this one to you if your interested. Steve


That's really too bad... I wonder if there is anything further i can do.

I was talking to someone who told me Wowwee licenses other manufacturers to build their products after the initial inventory is discontinued. Comparing your RoboQuad to mine, it looks like yours is very different. It doesn't have the Wowee labels and some other differences. Also yours doesn't seem to make any noise when turned on, where mine makes a bunch of zip zap noises. The circuit boards inside are very different also - totally different chips too!

I wonder if there is any information I can scrape up on the internet to find out more about their IR protocol...


If you could that would be great. Maybe there's a reason it was sold without a remote. I really do appreciate what you are doing. Thanks


Hi DJ, Were you able to find any more info on the Roboquad? Do you still think you will be able to solve the problem? Thanks, Steve Tripoli


Hi all. I just received the same version (2007/02/03) of the RoboQuad from eBay 40.00 USD. I have the remote and the robot performs as expected. DJ would you have time to look at it and work your magic? I can send it to you with the remote. What do you think?


@LeversOfPower if you have the same version, i'd love to get it. Could you send me your remote? Please use the Contact Us form and send us a message. Alan will get back to you with an address to send it too (depending on where i am).

@Steve, if you don't mind - i'll wait for @LeversOfPower to send his remote and then i'll be able to add support for these new version quads :)


That is fine with me, it would be great to use E-Z with it. Again thanks for going the extra mile. Steve


Ok, Guys. Sorry for the delay. I just shipped the roboquad remote today.


Sweeeeeeeet robotquads are cool. Always loved wowwee


Well, it's my first step in learning robotics. I come from a software development and 3D modeling background. I don't have much experience with electronics development and from what I've seen EZ-B seems like a good starting point. The Wowee roboquad is a good deal due to the level of simplicity with it's movement due to the limited number of motors or servos, whatever they are. Plus the cost of fabrication using 3D printing is far greater building a roboquad from 3D models then buying the roboquad and hacking it. I'm hoping that I can contribute to EZ-B mostly on the SDK and scripting side of things. The only drawback is dang that thing is noisy. When I fired it up to test it the cat freaked out and bolted. What a laugh.


I'm excited about receiving the EZ-B Wednesday and ready to get hacking the Wowee Roboquad! @DJ Sures, I was wondering if you received the Roboquad remote yet?


I'm not sure yet - I have been out of the city for a bit over a week. I return home this upcoming weekend. I'm sure it'll be there waiting :)


Hello DJ, how are you doing with the Roboquad now that you have the correct remote? I am just checking in, I understand you are very busy. Thanks, Steve


i everybody . me and my daughter ( we live in france ) are trying our first project with ez-robot received yesterday. we have the same version of roboquad. i have a remote who works fine. i Can capture ir codes with a RTI capture learner if you whant. That Will give me the hexa codes for each button on the remote. we hope you'll find a solution for this model. thanks for all, ITS really fun to make robots. bye bye . :P


i, for now, our ez-jarvis is hibernating sleep sleep User-inserted image


DJ's got my remote and it's on his to-do list. Just not sure when he will be releasing the new interface.


i think so he must be overbooked. ITS strange to find 3 versions for the same robot. and so many changes on the hardware. confused


I've gutted the whole thing and I am using hbridges for motor control. Gonna take a long time, but I'm in no rush. See this thread:

Roboquad Redux


Hi, The good news is I got my EZ-robot kit and Robsapien V1 on Friday, and now I am controlling the robot with my wiimote!

The bad news is the Roboquad I bought on Ebay is the same as the one described in this thread. So I'm waiting with bated breath to see what the outcome is. David.


Well, shucks. You can add me to the waiting for info list. I bought two of these off of ebay, and they also have the alternate G703-3A board.


Hi DJ, Can you tell me if you have had any success with the Roboquad I sent you? Thanks, Steve


Yes, please share - I have the same verison Roboquad and have been monitoring this thread since Jan to see if one of the EZ-B boards would work for the RoboQuad project i want to build or if I need to look for another RoboQuad.


I got two RoboQuads just for this... now I don't know if this was going to be more work then I thought... good thing I have two omnibots.


I am in the same boat after a days worth of thrashing and hacking into my roboquad I have now put it back into original shape. I am glad to see I have not lost my mind on this. Also I am curious if anyone has more information on the "TRY-ME" contact?


I couldn't find any info on that on the web, which I found to be surprising...


Has anyone heard from D.J.? Last time he posted to this was back in January, and I haven't seen any new YouTube videos for a while.


I know it its frustrating to run across the 4th version of the roboquad that is not directly supported , but why not ditch the original sensors and brain completely? In the eye sockets place a ultrasonic range finder or a Sharp IR if you want or you could put a maxbotic single sensor range finder in one eye socket and EZ wireless Cam in the other eye socket. The motors could be controlled based on time with a Darlington switching transistor or you could do what I would and swap them for 4 high torque servos from the Ezrobot online store. The shell is awesome , just keep LEDs , record sounds if you want to playback after all your mods are done :). There's lots of power in ezb and its control software ARC , you can do it;) - Josh S


Well, that's what I'm working on but the time commitment and learning curve is not EZ; it's intermediate robotics. I hope not many more people experience this frustration buying the EZ-B and then experience immediate disappointment that the RoboQuad is only partially supported and feel somewhat mislead. As far as I can tell there is no specific way of buying the supported version RoboQuad. If any one knows how, I would like to buy another that I can immediately hookup to the EZ-B....


I admit I was quite frustrated at first but that quickly passed as I popped the EZ brain on a Boe bot frame I had. Provided lots of fun for me and my 8 yr old. Then we pulled out the hot glue and put together a 4 axis robot arm in just a few hours and thanks to the frames sequencing it was easy peasy. I came to the conclusion that building a 18 servo Hexapod was the best use for this controller. It could easily control the roboquad with IR LED if or when someone deciphers the output of the remote. So far so fun I will add another board before long to teach some aspects of micro controllers in my kiddos class.


Hello, I emailed EZ-Robot to find out the status of D.J. and my RoboQuad and the remote leversofpower sent him. I am happy to see he is fine, this is what I got back. "DJ is doing more than OK. We are working on some new really exciting technologies. One of them the features he's working on requires a lot of testing using your RoboQuad. If it's alright DJ would love it if he could hold onto it for another month or two." So maybe soon all of the people following the thread might have an answer as to how to connect their EZ-B to their RoboQuad.


if some one could catch the ir transmissions and post them we might be able to come up with something using the "sendserial" command. but first we need to know how to wire up.


I know them. A friend got them for me. I will see if I can find them.


RoboQuad Header is $6. It uses a 12 bit 1200 baud protocal with no stop bits. It wants about 500 ms before retransmission
















































































Just got one for 10 bucks never been used but no remote and the same board as posted,guess i'll be waiting also.


I am getting one in a few days off ebay with remote,wowwee makes a lot of great robots


Hi DJ, I am just checking to see if you have any update on connecting EZ-robot to my RoboQuad, I think there are several people who are interested in the outcome. I am looking foward to getting it back and playing around with it. Again thanks, Steve Tripoli


Yea. I would love to know how too...


Hello DJ, Have you forgotten about my Roboquad of mine that you have? It's been about a year since I sent it to you. I understand you are very busy with the new launch of the Revolution, but I would like my RoboQuad back if you don't have the time to make a video on how to connect it to the EZ controller. Thanks, Steve Tripoli


The last email I received was from Jason Zeiler on Aug 20th, he wanted to keep it for a couple of more months to work on getting the EZ-be connected to it. I hope he is having success.


I hope so. I have two RoboQuads ready to mod lol


So I thought I'd buy a really nice roboquad for my son to connect it to the ez-b. Now accidentelly I stumble across this thread. Just now I opened up my sons roboquad and guess what ? mad Boy, what a bummer.

DJ, isn't this something my fellow-country man Niek could solve ? Great story about him and the change to learn at ez-robot btw.

My son (8) has autism and is currently in a programm to help develop famous robot NAO to work with autistic children. He'd love to have his roboquad do things NAO can and I believe ez-b is the next thing for him to experience and get more exited about robots.

Please show us how to make this roboquad work.

Thanks, Leonard


I also purchased a RoboQuad like that. I had planned to install an EZB3. Right now it is not my 1st priority. Steve S


Any word on any progress? Anyone?


Support for Wowwee robots has been deprecated. And alternative is to get a Six Hexapod, which is a much more versatile and real robot to learn with, including vision recognition camera, mobile device support and thousands of other features.

For the next few days during Cyber Week, the Elastic Turret Hexapod is a real good deal. It includes additional servos for shooting elastic bands and is priced much less than Six Hexapod and includes more servo-motor parts.


So uh, did Steve ever get his robot back?


Oh man, that was a long time ago, I believe we sent it back to him. I'm not sure if he's still around to verify.