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Ez-B V3

Hello, does anyone know if EZ Robots still has a buy back program for the EZ-B v3? If so any details. Steve3624

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Yes, I believe its still in action. The info is on the forum Here


I'm interested in buying a couple of v3.. They work great on my projects with embedded computers.!

If someone wants to sell me, Please let me know, ok? Thanks!


Hi tevans, Check on e-bay for EZ-B v3.


Hi steve. I just did... Found nothing. Do you have a link? Thanks.


I could not palace the big because e-bay sabe there is some kind of shipping restriction in the add. Can You charge that.. Or, simply sell me the board and I send you the money trhu PayPal?.... Thanks


Hi tevans, if you are serious I will take it off eBay and sell it to you, but I don't know what the shipping charge will be. I will need your mailing address. I tried to include Brazil in shipping destinations, but I can't. steve


Ok Steve... Im serious about that. Just find out the correct shipping amount, let me know and we are ok. If you want, mail me: Just make shure that you will declare as a "gift".. Or I will pay 100% in taxes.. (It is stupid.. But... Brazil has the stupidest tax law in the world.. Thanks!