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Command Control

In the quick reference, I see that CC accepts two or more arguments. I've looked through the documentation and the example scripts and I don't see info on using extra parameters with CC. Parameter 0 - window name Parameter 1 - command Parameter 2 - ? Parameter 3 - ? Am I missing something?

Thumper 4Wd Controllers

Do I need one controller per motor or one controller per side? In another thread, DJ said, "one controller per set" but in the same paragraph he said "running multiple motors (in series or parallel) is a bad idea" Are the 2.5A controllers enough? Apparently this thing draws 14A max. Is there a controller I can get that will manage acceleration,...

Big Announcement?

Okay, it's 2013, where is this big announcement you promised?

Scanning Room With Laser

Has anyone done a room scan with a laser or some other method? What hardware would you recommend? How much programming is involved? (I'm not afraid of programming, just curious how much of scanning task is handled by hardware) What about cost? options?


I'm tracking a shipment ordered on ez-robot. Status is "delivery attempt failed". Previous shipments from ez-robot were just dropped off on my porch so I don't know how this delivery would fail. The delivery attempt was Thursday but I haven't heard anything from the shipping company. Is this shipment headed back to China?

Business Model

Have you ever considered moving toward a loss-leader business model? The theory is, you sell your principle product at a loss and make all your money on peripherals. So for example, if you sold the ez-b for $50 and had a store with 500 items in it (instead of 15) you would foster wide adoption of the platform AND increase profits. Just an idea..

Organizing Components (Completely Newbie Question)

I've got 3 h-bridges and the ez-b wired up and in close proximity to each other. I live in constant fear that I will bump one into the other and short something out. Whats the best way to keep them separated? Is this what a breadboard is for? Is moving a project from a breadboard to a chassis a big deal or can you just pop the breadboard right on...

Add -> Hbridge . Suggest Reorg

This section should be changed to "add -> simple locomotion" with options for h-bridges. I qualify with "simple" because it assumes differential steering. Add -> hbridge should be changed to popup a dialog that lets you: 1) select 1 or more h-bridges (of whatever type) creating an on-screen visual of your selection 2) use a single UI to trigger any...

Suggestion - Add Custom Events System

In addition to allowing a joystick button run a script, why not let it trigger a custom event of any name. If the joystick moves left, the user could say this action triggers "port-side" or whatever they want to call that. You could then setup on or more listeners (on say an h-bridge movement control AND servo moving robot head) to listen for...

Keyboard Control Needs "Key Up" Event

It would be really nice if the keyboard control had a key up event. Also, how would one indicate the cursor keys for this control? Code hinting only works in the code edit dialog window, not sure why.

Strange Behavior With H-Bridge Widget

I got the omi-535 robotic arm wired up easily, first try, no soldering required. The ARC setup was also cake. There was one strange issue, movement control "up" and "down" directions seemed to be bleeding over into "left" a bit. When this occurred, the left / right motor was acting like the voltage was very low as it rumbled a lot and moved more...

L298n With Separate Power Supply

Hello, The L298n video shows DJ attaching the bridge and ez-b to a single power supply and it looks like the ground for both circuits goes through the ez-b. I need to use a 12V supply to the ez-b and a 7.2V supply to the bridge. How does this wiring setup differ? Thanks...

Connect To Ez-B Or ARC Via Html5 Web Socket

I saw that you can open up a telnet connection to ez-builder. That's very cool. I really want to use JavaScript to program my robot. If I could connect to ARC via an html5 web socket, where all data that comes in from the ez-b is transferred across the connection, that would be very cool. Will ez-robot ever support something like this?

What's On The Horizon?

I curious what hardware / software additions or improvements are in the works for 2013? Anything exciting on the horizon?

Can I Modify Movement Panel Configuration Via Joystick Buttons?

I am attempting to have the EZ-B control the OWI-535 arm. There is only one movement panel allowed. This should be fine provided I can reconfigure the movement panel with the script triggered by a joystick button down script. Is this possible?

Servos Possessed? (Noob)

I ran the servo alignment script. I changed some of the numbers from 50 to 1 and then 100. One servo seemed to be vibrating after I ran the script. Another one moved back and forth repeatedly indefinitely. I set the numbers back to 50 and ran the script again which seemed to exorcise the demons. What's up with that?


Hello, My name is Matthew Baker. I bought into ez-robot because I wanted something easy I could build with my kids who can't program yet. Another reason I bought this system... I'm a software engineer but know nothing about C# or .NET. I think the example scripts will be very helpful in spinning me up. I live in downtown Atlanta Georgia USA and am...

Extended Range Communication

I see that wifi and xbee are popular options. From reading on the forums, some people seem to have trouble getting wifi to work. I need my robot to stay in communication around my quarter acre yard. I don't mind putting a couple wifi (802.11) repeaters up if need be. Is there any reason I should not use wifi? Has anyone gotten it to work? How big...
Controlling Multiple Leds (Noob)

Controlling Multiple Leds (Noob)

I want my robot to have LEDs. I can think of three things I might want to do with LEDs. 1) status indicators 2) animated pattern (ex 1,2,3,4,5 loop) 3)...

Batteries (Noob)

I have the wild thumper 4WD chassis. I read somewhere that anything over 5V is a waste for the EZ-B. Not sure this is true... IF this IS true, should I have two battery packs? 6V for EZ-B and a higher voltage, higher AH battery for the chassis? I'm looking for the best solution, not the cheapest. Can anyone recommend a link to buy the best battery...
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