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Add -≫ Hbridge . Suggest Reorg

This section should be changed to "add -> simple locomotion" with options for h-bridges. I qualify with "simple" because it assumes differential steering.

Add -> hbridge should be changed to popup a dialog that lets you:
1) select 1 or more h-bridges (of whatever type) creating an on-screen visual of your selection
2) use a single UI to trigger any of the h-bridge circuits in either direction
3) push a "brakes" button where applicable for h-bridge braking
4) link joysticks / keyboard commands / ipad gestures to aforementioned UI widget


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Can you explain in more detail? I'm not certain what the difference between your question is, and the existing hbridge control.

Are you asking to have an HBridge control that is not a movement panel? If you are, that was considered by determined to not be useful.

You see, if we pretended there was another HBridge control and you wanted to move it from an event - you would need to use a ControlCommand("windowName", command) syntax.

Otherwise, right now if you wanted to move an HBridge, you can simply enter the Set() commands for the direction:


# Move Motor Right
Set(D5, on)
Set(D6, off)

So we determined the latter was better.

Also, if you wanted to put the "Move Motor Right" code in one central location, add it to an EZ-Script Control or EZ-Script Manager Control. And now you can add extra things like turn on an LED while it moves right, or speak, or make a beeping noise from an MP3, or something...

You can call other scripts from using the ControlCommand()


ControlCommand("MoveRight", ScriptStart)

Okay... Ill look into this more.

As to the current organization, I just found it confusing because I saw that there was an hbridge control but it didn't behave in a way I expected.

Then again, I'm building a different sort of bot (robotic arm) so my perspective / assumptions would be unusual.
It's a "HBridge Movement Panel". Movement panels control how to "move your robot". The tutorial section explains what a Movement Panel is:)

A Movement Panel is how your robot moves. Only one Movement Panel can be added to a project - this is because your robot has only one way of moving. This allows other controls to move your robot, as well as EZ-Script commands like Forward(), Left(), Right, Reverse(), Stop(), Up(), Down(), etc..

Every control has a ? next to the Close button. Press the question mark button and you will be directed to a tutorial/help page for that control.:)