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Can I Modify Movement Panel Configuration Via Joystick Buttons?

I am attempting to have the EZ-B control the OWI-535 arm.

There is only one Movement Panel allowed. This should be fine provided I can reconfigure the Movement Panel with the script triggered by a joystick button down script.

Is this possible?


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Movement panel is for the movement of your robot. Like driving a direction by wheels or flying. If you want to control servos, uncheck the "use movement panel" and select the servos for the X and Y axis. You can do the same for the second joystick also.:)
Okay, thanks.

I still have the problem of controlling 5 servos from a single from a single (or double) joystick.

I was hoping I could use the joystick buttons to switch what the joystick controls.

Is this an option? I guess I could use the buttons for servo triggers instead of mode triggers.
You won't be able to control 5 with 4 axis. You can control 1 servo per joystick axis, unless you use the Relative servo Control. The relative servo Control will allow you to have servos move relative to another servo.

I assign buttons to move servos when i need to move more. For example the arms of a robot. I'll use one joystick for movement, second joystick for head. and buttons for arms.

Using the commands ServoUp(port, value) and ServoDown(port, value)

Okay great, that should work out just fine then:)