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Servos Possessed? (Noob)

I ran the servo alignment script.

I changed some of the numbers from 50 to 1 and then 100.

One servo seemed to be vibrating after I ran the script.

Another one moved back and forth repeatedly indefinitely.

I set the numbers back to 50 and ran the script again which seemed to exorcise the demons.

What's up with that?


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Sounds like some of your servos were just cranky at their full limits?

Try this script out... Plug in all your servos (and nothing else) and run it. It will move all servos in single increments from far Right(0) to far Left(100) and back to far Right(0) then Center(50) and release. (like a stretching exercise :))


Watch your servos and isolate any that exhibit strange reactions. Then use a servo Control Panel to manually test them individuality on different ports to see if issue follows servo or stays with port.
Hi guys , something i would recommend is to not push the servo to the lock limit in either directions. So maybe position 5 to 50 to 95 just an example off the top of my head. I have tested a variety of cheap and also high price servos and notice some get funky when you tell them to turn lock to lock. Just my 2 cents;) - Josh S
I hear ya Josh... and you are allowed at least 10 cents worth:P

I have been lucky in that all the servos that I have work great at all settings, but I suspected that Matthew might have some of those "sensitive" servos. Once he has them isolated with a lock to lock test he will know for sure to limit them, as you recommended.
@mcBaker, press the ? button on the control to view tutorial/help information. Every control within ARC has help/tutorial associated with it by pressing the ? button.:) The link will provide you with a short description and some videos. Within the servo control help, there is a link that explains how a servo works and what happens when the ranges are exceeded.

The software and hardware support a wider PWM range to support more servos. By design, servos originally had a smaller PWM range, but that changes across manufacturers and models. So if we limited the PWM, we would limit the number of supported servos.

You will exceed the range of most servos by moving below 10 and above 90 (are the sweet limits i've noticed):)