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Controlling Multiple Leds (Noob)

I want my robot to have LEDs. I can think of three things I might want to do with LEDs.

1) status indicators
2) animated pattern (ex 1,2,3,4,5 loop)
3) headlights (higher voltage)

I am assuming that running LEDs directly from the EZ-B is not the best idea as it's not really equipped for this (?) Please correct me if I am wrong.

I would guess each of these uses would require a separate LED controller (?)

I am guessing scanario #2 would require a special programmable controller(?) or would the lighting sequence come from the ez-b chip? pc?



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EZ-B is well suited for LED lighting but it eats up a lot of your ports. I use a separate circuit for my flashing LEDs and just turn it on using the EZ-B. That saves a lot of ports for other things.
Thank you, that is very helpful and aligns with what I was thinking.

What controller do you use for those LEDs?

I use one of these stripped from an old 10/100 router coupled to a Stamp BS2 Sumo board i had laying around.

You could use it for status indicating or just a neat display and you can program it then trigger it from EZ-B

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