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I looking to get into robots and this looks like a perfect solution. I plan on making a quadruped robot using 14 servos and the camera. It seems this controller will do that but I plan on using a lipo battery but don't know what voltage the board will take and what I should use?


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2s LiPos work well on the EZB. Anything from 6v to 17v is supported by the EZB.
How long do you think the battery would last say I use a 11v 6a battery- also is this board possible to go to a charger like a romba?
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It depends on what you run off of the board, the more you run the less time it'll last. It also depends on how low you let the LiPo go.

Yes, you can have it "self charge", the board and software can make it possible to do practically anything you can think of if you put the time in.
Also I can't seem to find the actual dimensions of the ez board
Also am I correct to assume that the camera needs the computer to be running too with the robot for face track n such?
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Dimensions of the board are in the manual

The PC needs to be running for both the Camera and the EZB to work.
Darn I guess this is not an option for me
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Due to the way the EZB and ARC/EZ-SDK work it needs a Windows PC to control it, that's what makes it ez.

Many people use small form factor mobos and fit them in their robots, or use small dedicated netbooks, windows tablets, laptops, desktops etc. connected via bluetooth (or upgraded for wifi/rf). It is an added expense but it's worth it.

What was it that you were hoping to use the EZB for? Edit: Just read your post again so ignore that question.

You could use the EZB but I assume the quadruped isn't going to be large enough to accommodate a PC so it would need a PC remotely, which can be done and is done often.
Are there really so I guess I could use a really small laptop for this are their any projects like? What's the smallest thing that can run the program successfully?
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There are a lot of projects that use a mini itx board in the robot.

The Acer Netbook is a cheap and popular choice (I forget which model), it can also run on Windows Tablets such as the Acer W500. Provided it runs Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (preferably 7 or 8 for SAPI), if using the camera it needs a USB port, bluetooth built in or via dongle and that's pretty much it.
Wow I didn't even consider this, granted ill need some heavier duty servo but maybe ill just use a net book motherboard and get all the things I need for it. How much memory do I need to run the program I can't seem to find it on the website(ram and hard drive space)
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Which OS do you plan to use? XP needs less memory but offers less function (voice recognition isn't supported although there is a fix on MS website) but Windows 7 and Windows 8 need 2Gb ram but gave longer battery life when I carried out my tests.

As memory is pretty cheap and upgradable on almost all PCs be it laptop, netbook, desktop, nettop, I would say go with a minimum of 2Gb. You wont run out of HDD space if it's dedicated for ARC, OS and software will fit, with plenty of spare space on a 32Gb USB drive, I think (not 100% sure) 20Gb would do too.
Board size 2 1/4 by 3 1/2....not including the 1 5/8 power connector ...mine was laying out on the table:)
Ok cool and yeah it will be dedicated to the robot. I looking at a 3.5" pico mother board and building it from there