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Wireless Camera

Can you use any wireless camera? I already have a couple so I figured I just use those and save myself a couple bucks. Also what are the spec on this one?

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If it's recognised by windows it can be used in ARC.


Well there ya go lol


To make the face/color tracking better would you need a better camera or fine tune your program or neither or both? Yeah I'm trying to find out the most I can before I spend the money blush

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Good lighting is important. The better the camera the better the tracking I guess but without light even the best camera will struggle. The resolution doesn't need to be all that great for tracking anyway, provided it can see the colours, glyphs, qrcodes etc. it should track even at a small resolution,


Also can i just use a webcam since the computer will be on the robot?

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Simple answer. Yes.

If the computer will be onboard you have a lot of options available and a lot of much better cameras to pick from.


Ok cool, can cameras be used for navigation or you need the ultrasonic? Also I saw the update video saying you can use two webcams? What would be the practical use of two? Sorry I'm pretty new to robotics and I got lots of question. You mind throuwing out some of the options with haveing the pc on the robot.

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Ask away, we all start somewhere, never apologise for asking questions:)

The camera can only be used for navigation as far as tracking and chasing a coloured ball or object goes. It can't detect distance or objects. With QR codes attached to objects it could but your house would be a mass of qr codes. So ultrasonic and infra red for navigation/detection. There have been talks of the Kinect being used which can detect depth, but so far that hasn't come to light (and with it being a big unit has limited application).

I think you can use 2, 3, 4, 100 cameras (well maybe not 100, your pc dictates these things after a while) although I've not tried adding more than 1 (screen space is the issue as I like everything on one screen and big enough to see). I personally see no real benefit to having 2 cameras. A wider view maybe, and views from both front and back but no, nothing worthwhile... Unless it's a wall-e or Johnny Five etc, then for aesthetics only as, at least to me, one camera in one eye looks wrong, one in each eye looks right - personal opinion though, it's down to taste I guess.

Other people may be able to think of some practical uses for more than 1 camera though, but I can't.


Could you in sense track faces and motion or color at the same time?

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You can with 1 camera


At the same time?

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One more question : Can the camera face detection feature do a face recognition and authentication ? I mean the camera identify a specific person face and trigger a script ?

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Simple answer is no. You would need to use the SDK for that.

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Thx ... Good to know ... It is a good idea to have