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Servo City Gear Box

How do these work? I would like two use two of them for my shoulder joint but am unsure if I can hook these up just like a normal servo? It would seem with a standard servo you would get like no rotation with the gear ratio


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These are perfect for shoulder joints, ensure separate power supply to the servo (6V max), you can even choose a 7:1 ratio of reducing less speed but multiplied seven times the force of the servo, all at 180 degrees so I see, so use standard adjustable resistors.


so this would hook up to the ez b board just like a normal servo?


I have several of these. Be forewarned that all that gearing makes the movement much slower and the angle of rotation decreases dramatically.


So I was right 180 degrees is not possible with these


I have 5 to 1 ratio. If you convert the servo to continuous and use the external pot then it works like a normal servo just slower movement and way more power.


Does it work the same way in ez I thought you could one use one motion control in ez b. I have two gear motors I need to use that for or am I misunderstanding how that works


yes it works the same in EZB second if you look at my omnibot 2000 project arm design i use worm gear box by servo city little less noise,much higher torque the a servocity gear with high torque servo,cost is way cheaper

But the best is that the arm stays at one place,not like on servocity gear ratio box but you do need to add a 1-1 ratio for feedback pot and bracket

Check my design ,not finished with the pot feedback,and does need a cheap servo board taken from

FUTUBA S3003 servo ,about $6 from china sometimes cheaper

omnibot 2000 project

I have design and made many of my own gear boxes

The way servo are made are they have a motor and gear box inside and with a feedback pot connect to main output shaft so when you add another gear box to it ,it increases torque and deceases speed but angle says stay the same only if you use a feedback pot