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Program System Requirements And Mini Ez Board?

There is no info on what the program needs to run smoothly. Im geting a mother board that I can mount on the robot it's a pico it'd with a 1.6 atom dual core and 1 gig of ram that will have windows 7 and the ez software and that's it. I want to use this board because its super smal and only uses 8w of power. Also I saw a video with a mini ez board but don't see it for sale?

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Actually I was wondering myself when this mini was going to be for sale. There was a lot of talk about it a few months ago then nothing. Could this be part of the "Revolution"?


Hehehe we have gotten him to hint about so much already.:)


the mother board will work cause i have the same system and it works great even without overclock you should go for it

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Personally I would upgrade to 2Gb ram for Windows 7 to run smoother unless it's Windows 7 Starter which needs less. By all means try it with the 1Gb but if you do have performance issues a simple upgrade of the ram should solve them.

ARC is extremely optimised so if it can run Windows 7 it should have no problems running ARC.


Well I can't upgrade the ram on this mobo as the ram is built right into the board. I'm hopping it works fine because if it doesn't ill have to buy another board. What is this revolution you hinted at?

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2Gb is recommended by Microsoft for Windows 7 which is why I recommended 2Gb. There are ways to make it run smoother on 1Gb of RAM but the simplest way is to use Windows 7 Starter as the junk doesn't come with it so no need to turn off Aero etc. You can do other tricks and I'm in the process of writing a tutorial but it's on the back burner for now.

The revolution is all secret but we keep getting hints here and there


I'm guessing part of that is the mini board


I'm new to building computers but can someone recommend a pico itx that's low power. Funny thing is I have a 12v 4.5A lithium ion battery for the computer just no board. I'm gonna make a biped and need a really small pc for on board. That way I can take him anywhere