Published on November 22 2016

Voltron Robot

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Hey guys, sorry it's been so long since I posted a project....too long. Let's just say that the last few years have been a bit busy with the la Revolution! ;)

So I've had the dream for a long time to have my own walking and talking robot version of Voltron but using the toys was going to be way too expensive. I would also have been quite sad to ruin such an awesome collector's item. When I found out that someone was creating a free 3D printable Voltron design I was all over it! It took upwards of 100 hours of printing and about $100 in filament but it was definitely worth it. Here's a picture of the main components:

User-inserted image

In hindsight, I likely didn't have to print out that all the parts that I did and I didn't have to use the highest quality print setting either (0.1mm). I probably could have saved a lot of time if I'd planned things out a little better but I'm the kind of guy that wants to see it all laid out and then start subtracting.

I've been at the build for a couple months so far and it's getting close to completion. There's just a few challenges ahead of me that I have to overcome. My progress can be followed on my
Flickr Page or Instagram: @skater_j10 if you're into that whole social media thing.

The 3D design of Voltron was done by Juri at 3Dworkbench who has done many other amazing designs. Optimus Prime, Ninja Turtles, and Sound Wave to name a few. I'm also pretty excited that he's completing his Robotech Valkyrie design this week!:)

Anyway, Here's what it'll look like in the end, lol, it's what I'm imagining at least:

User-inserted image
May 12 2017
Absolutely love it! Great job Jeremie!
May 12 2017
Thank you very much Will, I've got nothing on you though!
May 12 2017
What impresses me the most is at the same time you managed to boost the torque rating more than 25% (15kg/cm to 19kg/cm I believe) from the old servos. These new HDD servos are freakishly strong! How strong you ask? Get this... the Giant scale Hitec HS-805bb (the ones used in inMoov) produce about 24kg/cm. Now compared that to ez robot's standard HDDs at 19kg/cm... For the price, reliability and power the new ez robot HDD servo is the best bang for the buck hands down...
May 12 2017
Your robot has a remarkable look that screams wow!
I also watched the new HDD video, and have to say that is a great achievement.
Some applications are very demanding for servos, and now we have an option for those applications.
Steve S;);)
May 12 2017
Oh bro that intro just swept me with memories, i have an idea what your video is going to be like once its 100% completed.. *cool* *cool*

Seeing him standing there powered on was awesome well done.

Can't wait to see your Voltron up and running. *cool* *cool*