Traxbot - My First Robot

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I picked up a EZ robot kit a while back and it sat on the shelf for a while. I finally got the inspiration I needed to start making a robot. When I got the kit I wanted to 3d print everything I could for it since that is my main hobby right now. I finally got the time to do some work on it. I have him up and running, but still working on learning all the software to make him awesome.
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User-inserted image

All the files and more information will also be located on thingiverse in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for checking out my bot, I am sure as time goes on I will have plenty of questions to ask.
Commented July 2013
Nice looking robot! I am very impressed with the 3D print job. Thanks for sharing ;)
Commented July 2013
:) Thanks for the compliments!

Traxbot got featured on Thingiverse today. Not a huge deal but it is nice to get noticed.
Commented July 2013
That is one heck of a FIRST robot!
Commented July 2013
That's awesome. What printer did you use and at what resolution?
Commented July 2013
The details in the tracks are amazing, good job!
Published on Sunday, July 7, 2013