Published on December 8 2017

T-one Playing Violin - Inmoov Style

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Just a quick video of T-one playing his violin. Jingle bells

December 9 2017
This reminded me of that robot made by Toyota that played "Land of Hope And Glory" on the violin. I agree with @bhouston, very inspiring to see an InMoov do something practical.
December 9 2017
NEAT... A Christmas Rock Band ! !

Thanks for the Smiles !

December 9 2017
Too cool! Thanks for the smiles. :)
December 9 2017
Maaaaaaan this is great! I must admit I had to turn the volume down hahaha!

This picture is awesome too! Best Christmas band ever!:D
December 9 2017
@Perry_s, @Nomad, @B.Houston, @Sebediah @Andy @Dave Schulpius @Mickey666

Thanks for the kind comments everyone! More to come. It's a great hobby.