Rafiki Update

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For those of you who are registered at CochranRobotics.com, I have opened up a Rafiki build Status page. This shows photos of the build process of the prototype. The goal is to be able to start programming of the robot functions in about a week. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts.


BTW, this is where I have been since the summer. A lot of working on this project and not so much time to talk in the community. I sure miss having time to hang out here.
July 10 2016
David, Thanks for the video update. It is very informative and gives a great overview. looking forward to the next ones.


P.S Will there be a Country music plugin?
July 10 2016
LOL, only in EZ-AI :)
July 16 2016
Hi David, when will the main Rafiki board be for sale on you web site?

July 17 2016
I will hopefully be able to answer this question after this month is over. There are a lot of different moving parts.
Published on Friday, October 16, 2015