Published on August 21 2012

Radio Shack Robie Meets Roomba

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I just got this little gem today, bought from ebay for $29.77 shipped:) Its an original Radio Shack Robie from 1984, clean with a unscathed dome:) Not even the talking one either, this lil guy has two functions: forward and turn in reverse, the arms are just for show...and I didn't get a controller with it. So, he's a blank canvas:D The idea I have is to mount him on a roomba to house the ez-b and a camera, build a couple of arms and have myself a retro looking cleaning robot with an attitude lol;) Damn, this thing is small; I have a Nintendo R.O.B. that I converted to R/C with a C6C 6 channel controller, and Robie is smaller than that. Stay tuned, this oughta be fun:D
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March 7 2013
Baby steps here. I added pan and tilt to my camera and added a light. I have the personality generator running to give him random head movements. I also set up a couple scripts so now the personality generator is paused whenever tracking is acquired. Lovin this new software update:-)
March 9 2013
Ha ha ha. , I happened to watch you video while visiting my mother. She said she liked your robot riding the other , Yeehaw!
March 10 2013
This is one cool little bot!
March 10 2013
yes it looks good,havent work out what i am going to do with both of my radio shack ROBIE
Missing my robots at home,about 3 weeks to go till i get back in usa :( *stress*
March 10 2013
@ Kenny Storm: good job! always a pleasure to see a video of a robot made by a member of the community, and I like the robot's mouth, smiling, gives a lot of personality. I missed you just one thing: to see how the cat catches the chain that leads into the hands ha ha.