Published on April 14 2017

My Ezri From Bavaria

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I create here a thread about my Robot.
First steps, buildings, Errors and mistakes.
April 14 2017
I started searching for a driving camera.
The best thing I wanted was a robot with which I could grab things.
JD was perfect for me.
I experimented with JD but he runs very slowly.
I tried to lengthen the legs.
There were problems with the stability.
I bought him wheels.

User-inserted image
April 14 2017
With the wheels he could not drive small steps.
Now I got Rolli and built a centaur.

User-inserted image
April 14 2017
After 30-40 minutes the battery was always empty.
I needed a big battery.
Now the robot can be used for 6-8 hours with only one battery.
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May 11 2017
I really liked the selfie video

Great work'

March 4 2018
Which headset is good for speech recognition?
Do you use push to talk?
If I have too many words, I do not get very good answers.

What are your best experiences for a conversation?
Which project has the greatest success with you?
Currently, a lot of speech is about macros.
But that works very well.
March 4 2018
haha great a robot taking a selfie.
March 7 2018
Hmm, i see. I must test some headsets alone.

Has anyone changed the speaker?
I want to build a soundsystem to Rolli.
This soundsystem need 5-6 Volt.
Can i grab this directly from the EZB?