Published on March 29 2018

Henry The Enchanted Tree

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My Ezri works very well and I enjoy using it in the apartment.
"Ezri from bavaria"

Some time ago I found a hand puppet which should be an "Enchanted Tree".
This doll is strong and has been used a lot for my children.
Now no one is more interested.
I thought I'm making a little robot.
It sure will be funny.

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My great luck is that I have a small 3D printer.
This allows me to print parts for the arms, eyes and case.
I also got an E-Z-B-V4 incl. Camera.
This tree can move arms, mouth and eyes.
I hope so, at least when I'm done.
March 30 2018
Hmm, i have try "Talk servo".
I have kill in 15 minutes a servo.
After 15 minutes a servo has quit the function.

The servo is using from 90 to 120 grad.
Which settings are the best for using.
I see a lot of robots here in forum for talking.
Can anyone give me the best settings for this "Talk servo" ?

In the standartsettings are the movement from the lips so little.
I have found the error.

I have set the servospeed to slow.
May 16 2018
How is it going with the Enchanted Tree? Any updates? Super excited to see how it is turning out!:)
DJ Sures
May 16 2018
It’s going to be a robot groot! Can’t wait:)