Published on October 31 2012

Gunslinger Bob - Bob Gets An Upgrade

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Since my original work on BOB (Bret's OmniBot) I have worked on a couple of other robots and now Bob is feeling left out. So it is time for an upgrade. Soon he will become Gunslinger Bob and sport some killer weaponry. Thanks Josh!
June 25 2013
Well I am slowly getting my bot room set up so the first order of business will be to finish Gunslinger Bob.
June 25 2013
Looking forward to seeing you get back to building on your robots.
June 25 2013
Yes those months roll off the calendar quick don't they! I'm sure this will be a cool one.
June 25 2013
@Brett awesome BOB build! and its nice to see a collaboration of creative ideas (josh) I am envisioning a "shoot out" ...if you can find a friend/neighbor who wants to build a copy!..............Better yet how about a new YT series similar to the TV program (?)Robot Wars but using paint ball for a dramatic splash effect!

@Brett nice to see u back on the forum
October 25 2013
Gunslinger Bob is now for sale. He needs to be completed but everything is there except the battery. two guns, one with a laser sight on a tank chassis. He is nearly ready to rock and roll. If you are interested, please email me at