Gunslinger Bob - Bob Gets An Upgrade


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Since my original work on BOB (Bret's OmniBot) I have worked on a couple of other robots and now Bob is feeling left out. So it is time for an upgrade. Soon he will become Gunslinger Bob and sport some killer weaponry. Thanks Josh!

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Upgrade to ARC Pro

Synthiam ARC Pro is a cool new tool that will help unleash your creativity with programming robots in just seconds!

Thank goodness for old computers for parts. Now I have a plug for my motors to the motor controller so I can pull the top off.:)
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Well, I tried to put the base together today and discovered my measuring skills are somewhat suspect. The battery sits too tall in the space and I can't close it up. I am going to order another battery that is not as wide (as I am laying it on its side) and it should fit fine. But, gotta wait for it.
Going order a lipo? That's what I'm going with. Compact , light , and charge quickly.
not sure yet everything is set up for 12v really just see what fits the best
Oh OK. If its setup for 12v and you want a lighter and smaller battery. Use a 3s lipo they are 11.1v when discharged and 13 ish full. A 2200 ma or 5000 ma pack are both small and light and under 20 bucks from I of course I like turnigy lipo packs.
That sounds like a great idea Josh. I will check those out. Thanks!
yW! I will order probably 3 of them soon for the mech warriors , even if you can't make it to maker fair maybe you could have a local relative bring your robot for display and I could lock it down to the display table so even if it doesn't fight at least everyone see your skill and work you put in for the exhibit.
Or just have him sit on the table and watch people walk by lol , ya know motion tracking
That could be cool - I could write a script so he brings his guns up if someone gets too close haha.
Then says clint Eastwood phrases , " make my day..... Punk" lol
Have not checked on BOB since the move, don't know yet how he fared. Either way, I will be getting back to him soon. I really want to get him finished as he is so close to being done. It is a real shame he will not be there in NC to battle Josh.
Exactly why Bob should be smuggled in a suite case to NC on a "business trip" you gotta go to , I mean you just got hired you don't wanna make it look like your not a team player right? ::evil grin::
He looks awesome! Maybe my (possible) rad will have a gun for an arm.:D
I know, guns are awesome on little bots. Thanks to Josh for this idea!
Well I am slowly getting my bot room set up so the first order of business will be to finish Gunslinger Bob.
Looking forward to seeing you get back to building on your robots.
Yes those months roll off the calendar quick don't they! I'm sure this will be a cool one.
@Brett awesome BOB build! and its nice to see a collaboration of creative ideas (josh) I am envisioning a "shoot out" ...if you can find a friend/neighbor who wants to build a copy!..............Better yet how about a new YT series similar to the TV program (?)Robot Wars but using paint ball for a dramatic splash effect!

@Brett nice to see u back on the forum
Gunslinger Bob is now for sale. He needs to be completed but everything is there except the battery. two guns, one with a laser sight on a tank chassis. He is nearly ready to rock and roll. If you are interested, please email me at