Roman with new head movements and more...


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New ARC program with the arduino

So far he can:
move his eyes
move his head
move his mouth, timed with the words he is speaking

still needs cosmetically a better face, skin - looking around

By the way, I can get him to use AIML Bot / Bing Speech Recognition - I ask him questions, he audibly answers me.

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I wouldn't dwell on the creepiness factor too much - because it's a huge challenge that robots are facing. I personally believe robots should look more like robots and less like humans/living things for that reason. It's called the uncanny valley, which you can read more about here:

The current biggest example of creepy uncanny valley is that sophia "robot". I put "robot" in quotes because it's just a poorly animated & pre-scripted mannequin - slightly more advanced than the animatronics on the disney world "Its a small world" ride:D

Here's an example of how terrible creepy and bad sophia robot is... ugh... Everything about this video makes me cringe. Sophia is an embarrassment to our efforts in this industry. Little do the creators know how much damage they're doing to the industry...

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Thanks for your comments DJ

I also think a robot should look like more like a robot,  :-)

I am more focused that the:
eyes move
head moves
mouth moves, timed with the words he is speaking

Also have him working with AIML Bot / Bing Speech Recognition

cosmetics for later

Hey man hope I did not offend you with my last creepy comments,I actually really like what you are doing to give artificial intelligence to the robot and spark up real conversations as that is just what I am starting to learn to do with my latest creation,Cheers!
Robo rad, no offence taken.

I welcome all comments, we are all trying...

Be well my robot friend,

Sophia could be built with synthiam but better.
Autiboy, I built my robot with ACR - Synthiam software and instructions.