"lilian" Is Assembled And Running

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Hello to All,
"Lilian" ( LIfe LIke ANdroid ) is my test robot (ver1) made from a trash can, a cardboard box, a mask, packing tape, foam rubber, foam board, a dress from Goodwill, stuff around the house and a hot glue gun. She has two mini servos with a 5 volt regulator running the eyes, a camera mounted under her nose, two neck servos, three servos and a gripper in each arm, two continuous servos in the base, a 5000 mah 7.2 volt Nimh battery, a power switch, and of course the GREAT EZB v4.

Her head tracks faces and color, arms have manual movement, and she can move forward, reverse, left and right by a movement panel and voice command.
She also has the ability to reply to a number of verbal questions or statements by the playback of mp3 files. I have many of the functions split up into three project folders.

Once I tune the manual operations, to get better quality of movement and function, I will reach out to the community as to where to educate myself to write scripts to allow automated operations. I have not found a Script 101 tutorial that helps teach the basics, and shows examples. ( I may not have looked in the right places yet ). I know there are many programmers in the community that may direct me where to go for information.

I will be upgrading Lilian with a heavier base and maybe a better drive system to eliminate the tipping condition I have when she runs on a carpet or bumpy floor, but for now she runs well enough.

I received my new Adventure Bot and will use it to proof some ideas for the future in house navigation. I may consider two EZBv4's in Lilian in the future. One to run the head and arms and one to run the wheels and future navigation since I have the EZBv4 in the Adventure Bot.

Thanks to all who have helped me with this project so far.

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Andy Roid
Commented May 2015

She wants to met your robot friend and looks forward to a ride on his Harley.

Commented May 2015
project! It never ceases to amaze me with all the creative ideas that the ezb community comes up with!
I think that I am at the same point as you with the programming. I understand that the controls are creating the scripts but have not figured out how they all interact. I need to see behind the "magic" of the controls! Hopefully I will have some time next fall to dig in to the scripts.
Steve B
Andy Roid
Commented May 2015
Thank Steve,

I am still trying to play with the radar, recorder, and other panels to see what they can do. My goal is to give a verbal command and have a robot go to that room, do something and return to the "home" location.
Lilian is just a fun, low cost learning project, and a test bed.
I wish you well and hope I can help get the "magic" in a simple step by step tutorial for all who have zero programming knowledge. The "where to start" basics are what we need.

AvatarAndy Roid
Published on Saturday, May 16, 2015